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On-Ear EDM Party – Mas Audio Science X5h Headphones And XX Bluetooth Cable Review

On-Ear EDM Party – Mas Audio Science X5h Headphones And XX Bluetooth Cable Review 

MAS X5h is a headphone from a company named MAS Audio Science. The headphones are priced at 300 USD, which makes them a direct competitor to HIFIMAN Sundara, Verum One, Meze 99 Classics, and The OVC Vacuum Tube Headphones. In terms of pairings, I have chosen HIDIZS AP80, FiiO M9, and iBasso DX120. X5h can also be driven from a source like FiiO’s BTR5, but that would be a bit redundant, since their Bluetooth cable, based on the MMCX connectors is also featured in this review, and will be paired with X5h, but also with IEMs like FiiO FH7, Campfire Atlas, and iBasso IT01S


MAS Audio Science is actually not quite that well known at the moment of making this review, but I hope this will change in time, because they really deserve your attention and love. They’ve been putting in a lot of work in their products, and their X5h is quite well refined. This being said, there’s simply not enough data available to say how they will be in terms of customer service, compared with other companies. This being said, I can guarantee that my communication with them has been outstanding, quick, precise answers, they speak English well, and everything was understood from the start. There’s no confusion, and they are also quick moving their packages, their headphones arrived to me quickly enough, less than a week, and they arrived in a fancy package and in great condition. 

It should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with MAS. I’d like to thank MAS for providing the sample for this review. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in MAS X5h and their XX Bluetooth Cable find their next music companion. 

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First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:

From the start, this is the best package for a 300 USD Headphone, period. This is like FiiO’s packaging for their good IEMs, like the FH5, or FH7, it is simply outstanding. Even compared to their most direct competitors, the Meze 99C, the package is better, with two carrying cases, two cables, and nicely printed documentation. 

Honestly, this is way beyond my expectations from a new company, and most headphones companies skip over the package entirely, like Verum One, which doesn’t even have a package, but comes packaged in bubble wrap. Even compared to Meze 99C, you get one extra carrying bag from the X5h. 

What to look in when purchasing a Midrange On-Ear Headphone


Technical Specifications

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