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Soundmagic P60BT Bluetooth Wireless Headphnes – ANC With A Musical Twist

Views 16,257 Soundmagic P60BT is a $189 USD pair of closed-back Bluetooth headphones with ANC and a comfy design. Although we’ve seen many good headphones from Soundmagic, P60BT is confusing to say the least as I was able to find it listed for prices ranging from $135 USD to $169 …

Focal Bathys Bluetooth Headphones – French Fashion And Sound

Views 23,012 Focal Bathys is a $699 USD pair of Bluetooth headphones made by Focal, a huge French Company specialized in audiophile products, and those come with a Bluetooth 5.1 connection, 3.5mm Jack input, USB Type-C port for charging and data, and with ANC or Active Noise Canceling. The current …

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