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Meze 99 Classics: Great potential and elegant style

Meze 99 Classics are a well-renown headphone produced by Meze Audio Romania. They promise to bring a natural sound along and an elegant design along with great comfort


Meze Classics 99. The title says it all – great potential and elegant style.

Head-fi banners showing a classy headphone started popping up a while ago and ever since they did, you can’t stop but wonder: How does that sound like?

Meze is a Romanian headphone producer that even though is pretty new, made a statement with their headphones and their great customer support. They’re one of the few companies that not only offer great support to their customers but actually listen to them, as seen with C99 which was modified after reviewer and market feedback came in to Meze. Even though there are very few companies to answer to customer requests, those who do always do a good job as the customer knows best what they wish for.

I didn’t really know about Meze before 99 Classics headphone got in my attention and I’m actually sad about it. For one thing, I am Romanian, and it is a shame for me to not know that there is a Romanian headphone producer and for the other thing, the headphones themselves sound really interesting.


About me
My name is George and I enjoy music. I listen music while working, listen to music for enjoyment and listen to music while I’m gaming. Music surrounds me and it became a part of my life. There are very few moments in the day when there’s no music around me. I also listen to music while working on our games at https://www.facebook.com/seventh.heart.studios/   and   https://twitter.com/7heartstudios . My love for music has had impact on our games as we hold the music close to our hearts and we are committed to only use ogg -q10 as the encoding format for our music since it offers the best space to sound quality ratio.
I have a pretty good hearing and the higher treble means quite a lot to me (8-18kHz area), and I generally hear even minor changes in equipment but it takes bigger changes to amaze me. I’m also quite hard to impress since I already own and listen every day to Sennheiser ie800.
First Impression

First impression with Meze as a whole company is a very good one. They respond very well to customer requests, answer well to your needs and are very supportive, ready to walk that extra mile for you.
Meze 99 Classics come with a carry box that slightly reminds one of a biker helmet, but with a unique elegance to it. The zippers were really smooth (appreciable on high end products) and the case did not degrade one bit even after some usage, being thrown in backpack with other supplies.
The headphones themselves sound similar to Oppo PM series or Sennheiser HD5XX series, depending on the music and source that’s being used. Given the price range and looks, the sound was fair upon first listening and they were not necessarily a WOW headphone but rather a good headphone. In the 300$ price range the fight is quite fierce, but then again, no other 300$ headphone received a rather better than good or fair upon first audition.
Another thing that’s related to the first audition is the comfort. While 99C looked a bit small after opening the box, with a bit of adjusting, the ears fit well inside the cups and the headphone band makes the headphones themselves really comfortable. 99C upon first listen was comfortable and sits well on the head. The weight is low and they don’t cause fatigue.


99C comes in a cardboard box, in which you find the carry case. Inside the carry case are the headphones themselves, two cables, a pouch for carrying the cables and an airplane (I think?) adapter. The inside of the carry case is made of a fine material that leaves no scratches on the headphones and the carry case is hard, preventing damage to the headphones, even if they are thrown in a backpack with other objects. The cables must be disconnected for the headphones to be carried inside the carry case, but the connectors are easy to use and the whole experience was nice. HD380Pro for example, has really awkward connectors that are a pain to connect, even after owning them for more than 3 years.
The addition of two cables to 99C is very welcome as they are different lengths and one of the cables includes a remote (and I think microphone). The short cable is ideal for outdoors usage while the longer cable makes a fine computer companion, especially if working as a digital artist and having to move around quite a bit. The cables are braided and look resistant, any damage that’s to be done, will be done to the thing they are plugged in , before the cables will get damaged.
Given the size and shape of the headphones, the only accessory that might be lacking from the box is a second pair of ear pads, as seen with Ultrasone headphones, but 99C pads might hold up better in time, so it seems like a fair trade.
The inside of the cardboard box is made of a hard sponge, this adds to the unpacking experience.
I really appreciate that Meze included a little warning about listening levels in their little book – instructions paper. It is always good to know that prolonged exposure to loud noises can be dangerous. The paper also includes a frequency response graph which shows that 99C is fairly flat in its response.
Technical Specifications
32 ohm
3.5 mm
Rated Input Power
30 mW
Frequency Response
15 Hz – 25kHz
103dB (1kHz, 1mW)
Ear coupling
Cable length
1.2m, 3m
Transducer type
Dynamic transducer, closed back
Power (load rating)
Weight without cable
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
<0.03% (1kHz, 1Vrms)
Contact pressure
3.4 N approx.
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