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Ultrasone Signature Studio – Exquisite – Eccentric – Excellent

Ultrasone Signature Studio – Exquisite – Eccentric – Excellent


Ultrasone Headphones have always been in a league of their own, but their latest creation exceeds all expectations. Ultrasone Signature Studio is here to redefine Ultrasone’s position in the audio market.





Ultrasone is a well-known and well-reputed headphone company from Bavaria, Germany, who has been creating headphones since 1991. They have a very strict policy when it comes to Quality Control and their high-end models come with one of the longest warranties on the market, about 5 years of guaranteed warranty for all their higher end headphones.


Ultrasone has developed their own approach to sound and music, introducing S-logic, a technology that brings the quality of the sound coming from a headphone closer to the quality of the sound coming from a pair of speakers, along with reducing the total sound pressure that affects the listener.

While less known for their involvement with the audiophile communities, Ultrasone is very known for their involvement with artists and musicians, for providing some of the best tools to those who make the music we listen to.

I have absolutely no affiliation with Ultrasone, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. This review will be as objective as possible and it reflects my personal experience with Ultrasone Signature Studio. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in Signature Studio find their next music companion. This review includes no paid information and no affiliate links whatsoever, all links being normal links to product pages and threads on Head-Fi, the only reason they are included is to help you find a suitable place to order the product faster.



Product Link


You can get Ultrasone Signature Studio frm www.amazon.com here: https://www.amazon.com/Ultrasone-Signature-Studio-Professional-Closed-Back/dp/B0718WD3F1/



About me




First Impression

I have owned Ultrasone Dj One Pro headphone for a very long time before, and in my music-loving journey they have been succeeded by a headphone with a different signature, but excellent sound – Meze 99 Classics. I also have quite a few high-end IEMs, like Sennheiser ie800, Dunu DK-3001, Etymotic ER4XR, HiFiMAN RE2000, and a few others. In the meanwhile, I also owned quite a few Players, like FiiO X5, FiiO X5 2nd Gen, Opus #3, Opus #2, and iBasso DX200 along with a State-Of-The-Art DAC/AMP, iFi iDSD Black Label.

When I heard that Ultrasone is working on a new Signature series headphone, I knew I have to give it a listen. I always wanted to buy a pair of Ultrasone Signature DJ before, but never actually got to purchase one. When I saw the design for the new Ultrasone Signature Studio, and the fact that it comes in black color, I couldn’t stop myself from reading more and more, eager to hear its sound. 


Since there was no reseller in Romania that had it at that moment, I contacted Ultrasone directly, and the conversation has been lovely, their spokesperson answering my qualms and quandaries with care and delicacy. I actually had a few requests to make and Ultrasone has been happy to listen and answer those quite nicely. It is always gladdening to have dainty conversations from a company.

The delivery time from Germany to Romania has been fairly low, the package leaving Germany on 23 June and reaching Romania on 27 June. Given that Signature Studio have been one of the headphones that really caught my attention, those have been some fairly long four days of waiting and erratically refreshing the AWB tracker, but I was really happy to see the moment the package arrived.

After the package reached Romania, it was swiftly delivered by a local company.

Upon opening the package, I was promptly reminded of the luxury and meticulous package Ultrasone employs with their products. It has always been a high-end experience to unpack an Ultrasone Headphone, but when it comes to high-end headphones, the packaging is probably less important than the sound.

It was a torrid day when I first took Ultrasone Signature Studio out for a walk. We were dealing with a swift drought during our typical Bucharest Summer days. The streets were mostly empty as the university classes were over now and there’s only a shade of a human here and there, probably lost or looking for something they wanted but never managed to find. Who can blame them, one must be crazy to fathom taking a walk under the might of the full blaze of a Summer day’s Sun, but nevertheless I had to take a break from my work so I to stop myself from overworking. I placed Ultrasone Signature Studio on my head, and felt a great relief as the cups felt pretty nice on my ears, and although Signature Studio has a pretty tight fit, they are actually quite comfortable.


Since the temperature was above 35C outside, I expected the headphones to feel fairly hot on my head, but they actually feel like all my other headphones in those conditions. After I was done with all this analyzation of their fit, I pressed play and started one of my favorite songs. The first thing I noticed was a pitch-black silence. I’m wasn’t used to this since most headphones weren’t isolating the listener from the outside sound this much. This time it feels like I’m completely separated from all the rustling of the world. Signature Studio being connected to iDSD BL, I did not know what to expect, but I was eagerly waiting for the song to start (this one piece has a few seconds of silence at the beginning).

The sound coming from them is dumbfounding, the clarity and passion I am hearing in music is far from what I was anticipating they will have. What happened next is hard to describe as I forgot a lot of that day, but I remember this, the sweet sound carried me home and beyond as I spent almost eight hours continuously savoring the sonic experience Signature Studio provided. With tens of deadlines pressing on me, it is rare that a headphone or IEM causes me to disrupt my workflow by those lengths, but I knew I had to listen more to this intricate electronic contraption.


First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:


Ultrasone has always been a company to put a lot of effort in their packaging and this is easily visible when opening one of their official boxes. To seal the main cardboard box in which the actual box sits, Ultrasone have used a very distinct tape that reads “Caution Highly Sensitive Electronic Equipment”. The actual box is covered in bubble-wrap and sits in an anti-shock material that keeps the box safe.

After taking off the bubble-wrap, you will uncover the actual box of Signature Studio in all its beauty. The box is themed in a shiny black and deep red and it includes quite a few bits of useful information about Signature Studio along with a few beautiful pictures of them. The first time I opened the box, I could hardly contain my excitement to get to the headphones faster.

Inside the main black box, you will find another box, but this time white and made out of hard cardboard. This one is there to keep the inner levels safe from further physical pressure.

Inside the white cardboard box, you will find the leathery hard-carry box, wrapped in a protective plastic layer. There is a plastic protection layer placed on the “Signature” logo to keep it safe from scratches and the words Ultrasone and Studio are etched in the leathery material. The logo plate is made out of a beautiful silvery shiny metal, and after removing the plastic layer that was protecting it, you can see the fine work of art and attention to details that Ultrasone had when they designed Signature Studio. The metal plate is pretty thick and it has a smooth edge and surface. The word Signature has a beautiful look to it and impresses every time I see the metal logo.

The leathery material that the carry box is made of is smooth and feels nice to the touch while the zippers of the box work smooth and leave the impression of a high-quality workmanship.

Within the carry box, you will find Ultrasone Signature Studio along with two cables, one short and with a 3.5mm plug and one that is longer, coiled and which has a 6.3mm termination.

Ultrasone placed thin protective plastic layers on the cups themselves to preserve the beauty of the “Signature Studio” glass-like plates, but those layers of protective plastic need to be removed to full enjoy the beauty of Signature Studio.

The carry case features a fine and velvety material that comes in contact with the headphones themselves, and the box has the right shape for the headphones, allowing you to carry the headphones even without removing the cable.


There are two booklets included in the package. The first booklet indicates that Ultrasone offers a 5-year warranty for their Signature Studio headphones, making this one of the longest warranties by any company for any product in the world, if not the company with the longest warranty within all headphones. The other booklet that offers general information about Signature Studio, along with something that I appreciate greatly mentioned, the warning that listening to headphones at loud volumes, for extended periods of time, might cause hearing damage. It is always nice to see companies who care about their customers and their hearing.

All in all, the unboxing experience of Signature Studio is excellent and they leave the impression of a true high-end device that includes the amount of accessories needed to use and enjoy them.

What I look in when purchasing a Headphone

What to look into



Technical Specifications


32 Ohm


3.5mm / 6.3 mm

Frequency Response

8 Hz – 40.000Hz

Rated Power Efficiency

98 dB / mW


290 Grams

Cable length 1

1.2m / 3.5mm

Cable length 2

3m / 6.3mm

Driver Size


Driver Material

Titanium Coated



Driver Type

Dynamic, Closed Back

Coupling Type

Over The Ear

Headphone to cable
connector type


S-Logic Plus Technology


Handmade in Germany


Low Magnetic Emissions





Product Link


You can get Ultrasone Signature Studio frm www.amazon.com here: https://www.amazon.com/Ultrasone-Signature-Studio-Professional-Closed-Back/dp/B0718WD3F1/




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