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All the previous News & Announcements posted on Audiophile-Heaven will be available here, and those include new product releases, along with important announcements from the audio industry. They will be posted from newest to oldest, and all newer announcements will be added at the top of the page, the page being split in multiple parts after we reach the first 30 posts.


(January, 11, 2024)

Ricable, a manufacturer of high-fidelity cables of Italian craftsmanship excellence, unveils the first, big news of the year that has just begun: 2024. Invictus Signal Reference and Invictus XLR Reference replace Invictus Signal and Invictus XLR in the catalog.

Invictus Signal Reference and Invictus XLR Reference were the most difficult to improve, as they were the first to be designed in the new design course starting in 2018. As was the case for the other Ricable cables that have seen an update stamped “Reference”, even in these two cases we are not talking about an upheaval, but rather an improvement. On the other hand, modifying such popular products too invasively would not have been reasonable.

There are basically three main improvements. Firstly, the conductor has been increased for better acoustic signal transport (+13%). We have gone from 0.64 mm² conductors to the previous 0.57 mm² with 0.08 mm strands. Secondly, a double dielectric has been inserted with two newly developed R-TEC polymers, which can further reduce the electrical capacity (-20%) and completely eliminate noise. Thirdly, the shields have been strengthened and therefore improved (+10%) to completely reduce external interference.

The Invictus Signal Reference and the Invictus XLR Reference are two cables for which break-in becomes essential. This is due to the dielectric, which reaches maximum efficiency after at least one hundred hours of polarization that occurs with the passage of the low-voltage electrical signal (audio signal). Everything good that was available in the previous cables (OFC copper connectors, Ricable Noise Reduction, semi-balanced and balanced geometries with triple shielding and much more) has been retained.


(August 11, 2023)

Westone Audio has been at the forefront of in-ear stage monitor technology for close to four decades, and today we are excited to announce the new AM PRO X series of universal IEMs – designed for stage use with patented StageSense technology. Consisting of AM PRO X 10 (single driver), AM PRO X 20 (dual driver), and AM PRO X 30 (triple driver) models, this range is designed for stage musicians who want to get the most from their performance. The entire range will be available to buy on 15th August 2023 from WestoneAudio.com (US), and WestoneAudio.eu (EU) as well as selected retailers worldwide including hifiheadphones.co.uk, gear4music.co.uk with the following pricing:

AM PRO X 10 – $249.99 / £249.99 / €279.99
AM PRO X 20 – $399.99 / £379.99 / €429.99
AM PRO X 30 – $479.99 / £449.99 / €514.99

Typically, performers have had to choose between a dedicated in-ear monitor mix or an ambient experience. Now, you can hear and feel the energy and input from the audience, fellow performers and the stage, together with the superior audio clarity, frequency response, and punch that only a Westone Audio in-ear monitor can provide.The passive StageSense filter system is built into the housings on all AM PRO X models. This provides linear attenuation, reducing external ambient noise by 10dB and providing the user with a clear sense of their environment without jeopardising audio quality.


(June 12, 2023)

Sivga Audio just launched the new SIVGA Luan Headphones, a pair of over-the-ear headphones with a super nice build quality, and design, and as we’ve grown used to seeing from SIVGA Audio, they come in two colors, brown and black! You can read all about them on the new official page here – https://www.sivgaaudio.com/product_d?id=15 . You can expect a full written review from us very soon, and those headphones come with a real wood housing, a good promised comfort, and with the high quality support we’ve been seeing from SIVGA Audio. 


(February 22, 2023)

Campfire Audio is launching two new IEMs, both of them high-end adventures that you’ve been looking forward to, upgrades to Andromeda and Solaris. Andromeda Emerald Sea is designed to make the shell more ergonomic and comfortable, as it looks more round, and smoother, and the design also has a new acoustic purpose. It uses Five Balanced Armature Drivers, with Dual Diaphragms, to have the best sonic from the Andromeda Series to date. The new Andromeda is purposed to sound better than the older one, with better acousitc range, lower sensitivity, and a sweeter analogue glow. Campfire Audio also has the new Solaris Stellar Horizon, which is a Quad Hybrid Driover IEM, with three dual-diaphragm Balanced Armature drivers, paired with one Radial Venting and a 10mm ADLC dynamic driver, to create better air volume and expand the physical space in which the driver operates. This should increase the dynamic range and the soundstage greatly and improve on the energy and power the sound of the new Solaris has. The shell is also made to be more ergonomic, and I, for one, am really looking forward to the improved comfort and sonics of the new Campfire IEMs, and I’m literally eager to review them here, you’ll be the first to learn when my works on those go live. You can read all about the new Campfire Audio IEMs here: https://campfire.prowly.com/230421-legends-reborn-campfires-classic-iems-reimagined


(February 22, 2023)

Final Audio Japan, also known as SNEXT Final launches ZE8000, the Flagship True Wireless Stereo Earbud / IEM, desgined for those who want the flagship Final Audio Experience, but for an affordable price! The company calls ZE800 the best TWS IEM designed to date, and they call the acoustic properties the 8K Sound, a newly discovered and developed Standard by Final. The TWS IEM is supposed to walk in the steps of Final Audio A8000 and Final Audio D8000, offering a new level of perfect transparency that we’ve seen before from Final Audio, and offer super musical enjoyment, so stay tuned for the release of ZE8000 as well as my review of it, which will appear here. The proposed price of ZE8000 is 349 USD, and it will be available on Amazon here. They will have ANC, with an algorithm that promisses no compromise on the sonic performance, along with Noise Canceling, Ambvient Sound, Voice Through and Wint Cut modes, and they will have support for aptX, aptX Adaptive, AAC and SBC codecs. Final Audio also promises a PRO Equalizer for ZE8000, so it will be super interesting to explore once it goes live. You can read all the official news on ZE8000 on the official website, here https://snext-final.com/en/products/detail/ZE8000


(December 13, 2022)

Tronsmart announces the Bang SE Bluetooth Speaker, the Ultra Portable Bang speaker designed by them! It comes with SBC Bluetooth Codec, IPX6 rating and 40W of power. It features a Type-C USB port, an 8000mAh battery and up to 16 hours of battery life if you’re not using the LED lights. It takes about 5 hours to charge and it has 2.16 KGs. Below you can find the Specifications. It is available for a reduced price for early birds here: tronsmart.com/exclusive-offer-for-bangse.htm

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