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Sweetness Of The Analogue Sound – Hagerman Tuba Amplifier Review

Sweetness Of The Analogue Sound – Hagerman Tuba Amplifier Review



Hagerman Tuba is a very pragmatic Tube Based Amplifier, priced at 650 USD. It is designed to drive Grado and Sennheiser but also Audeze and Beyerdynamic, and it has a 5 or 35 OHM Output impedance making it work less well with IEMs than with headphones. There’s a good amount of power, and good clean voltage, as it has 350mW at 32 OHM, and 7VRMS, so it will be compared to Feliks Echo, Aune S6 PRO, and Chord Mojo. Since it is meant for Grado and Sennheiser, it will be paired with Sennheiser HD 660S, Grado SR80e, and with Beyerdynamic Amiron


Hagerman is a slightly different company than you standard audiophile production centre, basically a one-man company, based in Honolulu, and the Director, Mr. Jim Hagerman has a real taste for guitar pedals, being one of the best tube-based pedal manufacturers in the entire world. Since he has been so close to real music production, he has good knowledge of how music is supposed to sound like, and his amplifier, the Tuba is a unique Hifi AMP made especially for a few select headphones. It isn’t exactly made for IEMs or portable earphones, but Mr. Jim will happily provide help to you if you want to reach out to him, he has excellent knowledge, and will recommend you exactly what you require to have the best experience possible with his products. 

It should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with Hagerman. I’d like to thank Jim Hagerman for providing the sample for this review. This review reflects my personal experience with Hagerman Tuba Amplifier. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in Hagerman Tuba Amplifier find their next music companion. 




Product Link


You can always get the Tuba Amplifier from here: https://hagerman-audio-labs.myshopify.com/products/tuba-vacuum-tube-headphone-amplifier





First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:









The package this time around is not quite that interesting, but has excellent protection, and the newest units ship with foam cutouts. I had a good time reading the AMP diagram, and it comes with two solid EL84 tubes, which you have to install yourself, which I also consider a pretty satisfying experience. 

You receive a good amount of paperwork. The AMP is not user serviceable, as in, it doesn’t really have many components that you may need to replace yourself, but the tubes are something you can replace, and roll (try other variants on the market with the Tuba). 

Sadly, the power adapter is not good for Romania, and I had to dig up an adapter, the review unit came with an UK power plug (if I’m not mistaken), and since I didn’t have anything on hand that would have the same power output, I had to improvise a bit. 

All in all, at 650 USD, the package is good, similar to what Feliks Echo comes in, but slightly less impressive for the packing of the device itself. 

What to look in when purchasing a midrange Headphone Amplifier


Technical Specifications

50k ohm input impedance
5/35 ohm output impedance (LO/HI)
10Hz to 150kHz bandwidth (-3dB)
350mW output power @ 32 ohms
7Vrms output voltage (HI)
6dB gain (HI)
3.5Vrms input sensitivity
0.25% distortion @ 0dBV 400Hz
6 x 10 x 3.5 inches
7 pounds
15Vdc @ 1.35A
EL84 x 2
Includes power supply & tubes
Free shipping!

(Build Quality, Sound Quality & Desktop Usage On the 2nd Page)


  1. Really awesome website!

  2. Loving your works!

  3. Toxic Marshmallow

    I just received it today, and you’re right, it is a really sweet sounding AMP, thanks a lot!

  4. Gracias por infonya …

  5. Dobrota Mikaelis

    I love your entire website, George! I really appreciate that you write well and keep us all entertained, I hate too long articles that miss the point 🙂

  6. Really glad to see a proper review on this gem, got one a few weeks ago and I love the sonic presentation of it!

  7. I purchased this amp solely based on your comments, and I’m really happy I did! It performs really well, has good overall build quality, and good price / performance ratio. Hope more people will check out audiophile-heaven, you have good advice here.

  8. I love your writing style, and your photo quality! This AMP has been in my sights for a long while, hoping it will be as good as you describe once I manage to snag one

  9. I ended up ordering one, based on the advice you gave me through the mails, and I want to say, people need to hear the Tuba, it is an excellent amplifier.

  10. Superb review!

    I kept searching for reliable articles on the Tuba, and yours is the best one out there!

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