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Beyedynamic Xelento – Elegance – Enthusiasm – Euphoria

Beyedynamic Xelento – Elegance – Enthusiasm – Euphoria

Beyerdynamic has been tinkering with the idea of creating a miniature Tesla driver for a while now, Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote IEM being the first IEM feature it. The naturalness and detailed warmth that Tesla usually provides is now available while on-the-go!

Beyerdynamic is a large audio company from Germany that creates countless professional tools for musicians and music lovers, including Headphones, IEMs, Microphones and wireless audio conference systems. Most of their products are made in Germany, and Beyerdynamic is one of the oldest companies in the world, having started since 1924 and being family-owned.
Beyerdynamic has been developing and researching audio technology for a good while now, and they have managed to create a technology that relies on a patent named the “Tesla Driver”. In a few simple words, the Tesla technology employs sturdy drivers powered by extremely powerful magnets which help music come through with better detail and considerably lower harmonic distortion. This technology has been loved by many music enthusiasts from all around the world already, Beyerdynamic’s headphones based on the Tesla technology being well-known for their natural and clear sound.
I have absolutely no affiliation with Beyerdynamic or the affiliates, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. This review will be as objective as possible and it reflects my personal experience with Xelento Remote. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in Xelento Remote find their next music companion. This review includes no paid information and no affiliate links, every link leading to normal pages, the main purpose of including them being to help the reader reach certain spots with ease.
About me
First Impression
I have owned quite a few IEMs and headphones before, Ultrasone DJ One Pro, Meze 99 Classics, Ultrasone Signature Studio, Dunu DK-3001, Sennheiser ie800, HiFiMAN RE-2000, Oriveti New Primacy, Kinera H3, and a few others. I also owned high end sources like DAPs (Opus #3, iBasso DX200, Opus #2), and high-end DAC/AMPs (iFi iDSD Black Label).
Beyedrynamic Xelento has been delivered on a nice day. Before it was delivered, the Romanian service who took care of it had missed my name, so I had to track down the package and let them know exactly how and when to deliver it. Although the sky was a clear blue and the weather was quite warm, it was slowly reminding me of hospital walls and the blue color was more clinical than friendly, the emptiness of the sky being more like an empty stare than a friendly place to be in. I received the package then rushed back to my room, since I was not accustomed to the strong summer soon. Beyerdynamic took great care to include an amazing deal of accessories, and made Xelento look way more like jewels than IEMs, but my mood was not the best on that day, so I was starting to slowly fade into a state of perpetual thought. The mirror edge design of Xelento surely brought me back for a few minutes, as it is possible to just stare into them for a while, before you realize that they are more a fine work of art than they are a IEM. I plugged them in, curious of what they’d bring. Xelento started playing music with euphoria, musicality, and soothed my bad mood with a dreamy sound that surely took all the problems off my mind for the rest of the day.
First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:
Beyerdynamic Xelento’s gentle package looks stylish and elegant, but they are packaged professionally with a lot of very useful extras. The number of tips is very good, and although the tip seems to have a custom shape, I found out later that Xelento works with other tips as well.
The package includes a cable based on the MMCX standard, 7 sets of silicone tips, 3 sets of foam tips, a shirt clip, a carry case, and the IEM units of Beyerdynamic Xelento themselves.
The carrying case looks different than the typical metal cylinder or plastic pelican like cases other IEMs comes with, Xelento coming with a leather case that offers a uniquely stylish solution to carrying your IEMs around. The case does an amazing job at keeping Xelento safe, being well padded and keeping them in place during transport.

There are two cables included with Xelento Remote, one with a remote and one without it, the cable with the remote being compatible with both Apple and Android devices. 
All in all, Beyerdynamic thought things through when it comes to packaging and including a lot of extras with their Xelento Remote IEMs. There is a different type of Xelento IEMs out there, one that also comes with Bluetooth cable designed especially for them, for those who require great sound with a BT connection.
Technical Specifications
16 Ohm
Frequency Response
8 Hz – 48.000Hz
Rated Power Efficiency
110 dB / 1mW at 500Hz
Cable length
130 cm / 3.5mm Jack
Driver Type
Dynamic, Closed, Tesla
Coupling Type
In-Ear, Shallow Insertion Fit
Headphone to cable
connector type
(Build Quality, Sonic Quality & Usage Next Page)
Build Quality / Fit
Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote is built to be both a jewel, with its mirror edge design, but an audiophile’s dream as well. It has a highly reflective design and comes packaged with a high quality transparent – white cable that features MMCX connectors. The cable is quite good, tangle free, and after testing a few other cables with Xelento, their default cable is slightly warm in its sonic signature.
The fit is, in one word, excellent. Although Xelento has preparty tips, they work with Mandarin tips and other third-party tips as well. After placing them in your ears, they never fall, and the way the tips are designed gives Xelento a soft contact with the ear. There is just a tiny but of Driver Flex, but they work flawlessly nevertheless.
The IEM body is glossy, with a slivery finish, going for a high-end impression along with a touch of style and elegance. There is a group of devices that always proves high end audio can look awesome, and Xelento is clearly one of them.
Beyerdynamic Xelento has been tested with Xiaomi Mi Max 2, FiiO X5ii, Opus #3, Opus #2, iBasso DX200, Hidizs AP200, Shanling M2s, and with the benchmark DAC/AMP we have, iFi iDSD Black Label.
Xelento is a high-end IEM that is quite good in its revealing abilities, but it is a single driver Dynamic IEM, and while its signature changes a bit with its source, it is not very sensitive to hiss or other impedance related changes.
Sound Quaity
Xelento is a unique IEM with a warm and romantic signature, good detail levels and a dynamic presentation. The sound is presented with good width and depth when it comes to its soundstage and the transient response is excellent, as expected from the Tesla technology within. The bass is the Tesela tech’s strongest point, being extremely well layered, natural, well extended and having one of the best impacts there is. The midrange is natural, smooth and musical, Xelento being quite the romantic performer. The treble is smooth, but well extended and well detailed. All in all, a signature to listen to for hours in a row.
The signature is defined by an enhanced bass, a natural midrange, and a smooth top end, the topmost definition of a romantic and charming character.
Little disclaimer 
All sonic impressions for Xelento have been taken with iBasso DX200, Opus #2, Shanling M2s, FiiO X7mkii, and iDSD BL, all of those being impressive audio devices, each having a signature of its own. All sources will influence the sound more or less, but Xelento has a certain sonic character that is present with all sources.
Equalizing Xelento
Beyerdynamic Xelento doesn’t require any Equalization by default, being an extremely good performer, romantic, relaxing and enthusiastic. There is nothing to fix or change.
Channel balance
The Left and Right channels are perfectly balanced, as far as it is possible to tell from listening and measurements.
The bass of Xelento is one of the best there is. Natural, deep, extended down to the lowest notes the human ear can hear, and coming through with extreme amounts of impact and clarity. Bass layering and detail is also top notch, Xelento being one of the best there is when it comes to its bass, Tesla technology proving to be excellent in reproducing bass notes. The decay of the bass notes is natural, and the transient response is excellent. Despite having an enhanced bass, there is no bleed in the midrange, and the bass is always more than welcome with all types of music.
Brokencyde – Blame It on Tom – The song starts with an impressive set of bass notes woven with a gentle and playful synth. The voices sound natural and musical, the background instruments coming through as natural parts of the song as well. There is a special naturalness about the way Xelento renders Brokencyde’s work, all synth notes being musical, voices having good textures and everything feeling right in its place.
Massakren – Threshold – This is a good example of why Xelento is quite the versatile IEM, as it can render Black Metal nicely as well, Massakren’s music feeling like one of the most beautiful melodies in this world, a magical smoothness about the midrange and the top end gives this black metal song an excellent feeling of greatness, yet musicality. All in all, Xelento portrays the story with good vividness, but it paints it musical at the same time, giving everything a clear sense of romance and positive emotion. The rest of the album feels quick, musical, enthusiastic and all in all a lovely experience to listen to, despite the rather dark lyrics Massakren employs in their work.
Incubus – Vitamin – Another excellent example of how Xelento works with any type of music is Incubus, an Alternative Rock band which employs a unique set of special effects and mastering process. The song starts with a deep bass played along a crispy cymbal and snare pattern, with a playful set of electronic effects playing in the background. There is a very good sense of rhythm and pace for the whole song, and the guitar notes are musical and smooth, yet presented with vivid textures. The top end is always fun and never fatigues the listener, giving a general fun and romantic experience for the whole song.
The Midrange of Xelento is smooth and musical, vivid and dynamic. The Tesla Dynamic Driver has excellent revealing abilities, but it presents music in a playful and romantic way, with lots of musicality and playfulness to its sound, no sibilance, no fatigue and no overexposure of details. Instead of dissecting music, Xelento plays everything together with an amazing sense of naturalness. Every instrument is played in its right place, being a part of a song, separated from the other instruments, yet naturally blending in. The soundstage is expanded naturally, with the midrange having a natural presentation in both width and depth, without relying on an enhanced treble to have a larger stage. The dynamics are also top notch, every instrument having a good texture, despite the romantic way they are presented.
3OH!3 – Richman – The song starts with a playful yet well detailed intro, the voices blending in with the gentle synth played in the background. The song has great bass impact along with an excellent spatial presentation of all instruments and electronic symbols. The top end is smooth, while the midrange is playful and Romantic. Voices have a natural tonality to them, along with a natural texture. The way synth notes blend with bass notes can easily give one the goosebumps while listening to this rather fun song played by 3OH!3
Jason Derulo – Talking Dirty – This is an excellent song to test the bass abilities of Xelento Remote. The bass extends so deep that it can literally shake the listener’s sense of space and time, even at low listening volumes. This excellent extension is something that high-end IEMs tend to achieve best, Xelento being one of the best there is. It is possible to distinguish all the voices and the details played in the background during the chorus. The top end is on the smoother side, the trumpets being smooth and lovely to listen to rather than abrasive and enhanced. This song, while a bit dirty by its lyrics, sounds rather fun, musical, and romantic.
Machinae Supremacy – Cybergenesis – SID Metal requires a very able transducer to render both the metal part of the song, and the electronic / Chiptune part of the song in a natural way. Xelento proves its worth excellently with Machinae Supremacy’s music, providing a natural voice tonality, a deep and impactful bass, a smooth and detailed top end, and a romantic presentation of all instruments. The story about the rebirth of humanity in a digital form is presented with excellent emotional attachment and credibility by Xelento, all played in a musical piece that can sweeten the day of the most bitter person in less than a second.
Xelento has a smooth and playful treble, a fatigue-free experience, that is pretty detailed, and a love to listen to for long periods of time. Cymbal crashes are presented in a silky and fun way rather than a serious tone, Xelento proving once again to be exactly what Beyerdynamic advertises it to be, an elevated listening experience that emphasizes radiance and the sublime experience of music, usually only possible with much more expensive setups. The treble of Xelento makes it the perfect IEM for those who want to get one the most musical experience possible, and indulge in the sweet drop of a heavenly touch.
Royal Republic – The President’s daughter – An excellent choice to show how Xelento renders a clear and well detailed treble, while keeping it smooth and somewhere in the back compared with the bass and the treble. Everything is crispy and quick, the dynamics are excellent and no detail is lost, but it is presented in a musical way that makes every guitar note truly play for the listener rather than make him analyze what is already a well detailed a musical composition.
Xelento has a deep and wide soundstage that relies on its midrange more than its treble for its spatial extension. The Tesla Technology is excellent at providing a natural width and depth of sound, bass notes easily travelling through the scene and background synth notes being easily distinguishable from the forward instruments and voices.
Xelento has amazing instrument separation abilities, giving an excellent insight in how it is possible to define every instrument with a gentle sense of instrument, relying on the way instruments are each defined within the whole, rather than taken out and dissected.
Xelento has a natural ADSR (Attack Sustain Decay Release) and PRaT (Pace Rhythm and Timing) characteristics, the bass being huge but quick, the treble being smooth, yet well defined, and the midrange presenting music with great textures, yet in a smooth way. Things blend in naturally, providing a rather romantic experience.
Portable Usage
The portable usage is very good. Xelento can be worn over the ear, has no cable noise, and isolates fairly well, providing a natural listening experience for the audiophile on-the-go.
The single Dynamic Driver configuration works well with portable sources, and Beyerdynamic even has a Bluetooth cable available for Xelento. They are extremely easy to drive, very efficient, but it is still recommended to use them along a high-quality source for the best experience.
Drive factor
Xelento is extremely easy to drive. They are very easy to get loud, being some of the most efficient IEMs out there. They sound great with almost any source, starting with Shanling M2s, Hidizs AP200, HiFiMAN Megamini, FiiO x5ii, Opus #3, iBasso DX200, Opus #2, iFi iDSD BL, etc.
Select pairings:
Xelento + iBasso DX200 This is an excellent pairing as DX200 enhances Xelento’s already excellent natural tonality and great detail. DX200 is quite transparent and will not change the signature of Xelento, but it helps them gain an even more detailed midrange. 
Xelento + FiiO X7mkii – This pairing works well for enhancing the already playful and musical character of Xelento, X7mkii being musical and natural itself.
Xelento + iDSD BL iDSD BL is a great choice for those who want to bring a tad more treble sparkle to Xelento, giving them a bit more sparkle in the higher registers, along with an even wider soundstage they already have.
Xelento + Opus #2 / Opus #3Opus DAPs are excellent for giving Xelento a wider soundstage, along with a very good sense of dynamics. Opus DAPs have a very dynamic and organic sound by their own, giving Xelento an even more enthusiastic representation.
Xelento + Shanling M2s Although small, M2s can drive Xelento quite well, giving them a deep and large bass along with a more energetic top end. The detail level is on part with its price, a more expensive DAP providing better detail levels, M2s still being worlds ahead of most smartphones, being an excellent solution for the audiophile who wants a small-sized DAP.
Xelento have been tested against almost all types of EMI possible, they have been used under high tension power lines, used right next to a wifi router, and used to multiple devices while music was streaming, but there were no traces of EMI in the sound.
Xelento vs Dunu DK-3001 – Xelento has a smoother top end, a larger bass that has a stronger tactile feeling, while having a similar way of presenting the midrange. DK-3001 is quite musical, but Xelento is a bit more musical. The detail levels are quite good on both for their prices.
Xelento vs Oriveti New Primacy – ONP is a thick sounding IEM with a good sense of space and a natural sound, while Xelento is more of a romantic performer with a larger bass, a slightly smoother midrange, and a smoother top end.
Xelento vs HiFiMAN RE-800 – RE800 is quite different, being V-shaped and a fun IEM with an energetic top end rather than a smooth IEM. The bass amount is larger on Xelento, the midrange is presented smoother on Xelento, while it has more detail on RE800, inherent to its rather energetic upper midrange. The top end is far more enhanced on RE800, while it is quite smooth on Xelento. The soundstage has a somewhat larger width and depth on Xelento, but it was already amazingly large on RE800 to being with.
Xelento vs Kinera H3 – This is an unfair comparison, but still interesting to mention. H3 has a very very different signature from Xelento. Xelento is romantic, enthusiastic and smooth, while H3 is quite bright, colored, energetic and quite U-shaped. The treble is far more enhanced on H3, while it is smooth on Xelento, the midrange is recessed on H3, while it is natural on Xelento, and the bass is much larger in amount and impact on Xelento.
Xelento vs Sennheiser ie800 – ie800 is quite different from Xelento, but also a IEM I like. The bass is similar between the two, but ie800 has more sub-bass, while it feels more tactile on Xelento, having a bit more tangible impact on Xelento. The midrange is considerably recessed on ie800, while it is smooth and somewhat forward on Xelento. The top end is very smooth on Xelento, and very enhanced on ie800, leading to quite different signatures, both of them being excellent at what they do. The soundstage is larger on Xelento, but ie800 has more separation between instruments, and better definition of each instrument.
Xelento vs UM Martians – Xelento has a larger bass amount, while Martians tend to be tighter and to present the bass quicker. The midrange is similar between the two, both being quite musical. The top end is quite smooth on Xelento, while it is quite enhanced on Martians, the extension being good on both.
Xelento vs HiFiMAN RE2000 – While a bit unfair due to the price difference, the comparison should be presented as RE2000 is a flagship IEM as well. RE2000 has a similarly deep and strong bass, while it has a more enhanced upper bass, whle Xelento stays a bit more natural. The midrange is presented different between them, Xelento being more mid-forward, while RE2000 is a bit recessed in the midrange, with more details and more texture definition. The treble is enhanced and energetic on RE2000, while it is smooth on Xelento. Although it is more detailed in general, RE2000 is also pretty V shaped, and almost double the price of Xelento.
Xelento retails for about 1000$, being a high-end IEM and sold as one. Considering that the price is paid for the whole package, Xelento has a good value, providing excellent build quality and a large number of extras. Xelento has detachable cables and has a good sound quality for its price range, being a great IEM for the romantic music lover.
The value is as good as it can be for a high-end IEM, Beyerdynamic making sure that they are including everything the user needs with their high end products.
Xelento is an amazing IEM when it comes to its musicality, romantic character and its ability to play music naturally, giving the audiophile on-the-go an enjoyable experience that reminds one of the vinyl sound rather than the digital era we live in.
Although they come at a high-end price, they also come with a high-end build quality, a great number of accessories, along with an excellent sound to match their suite.
Beyerdynamic delivers on their word, and provides all music lovers with an excellent IEM that has a sweet and musical sound, being a delight to anyone looking for a smooth and romantic sound!

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Full Playlist used for this review

We listened to more songs than those named in this playlist, but those are excellent for identifying a sonic signature.  I recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new music! The playlists are different for Spotify, Tidal and Youtube, and based on the songs I enjoy and are available on each!




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  2. Mihailkov

    I need to upgrade from the Xelento, but I’m not sure what to upgrade to. What do you say, George, what’s the best next step that has the same signature but a bit more detail and better comfort?

    1. George Dobrescu

      Hello there!

      I think that you could do well with a Rhapsodio Zombie, great bass, but more sparkle and more detail. Or CTM Da Vinci IX, which is smooth, but is a step up from the Xelento in many ways.

  3. Patrick Nelson
    Patrick Nelson

    Really happy to see this review was not taken down when you upgraded the website, I have been trying to justify getting one for a long while, can’t do that anymore without your awesome review.

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