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Beyedynamic Xelento Remote – Elegance – Enthusiasm – Euphoria

Beyerdynamic has been tinkering with the idea of creating a miniature Tesla driver for a while now, Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote IEM being the first IEM feature it. The naturalness and detailed warmth that Tesla usually provides is now available while on-the-go!


Beyerdynamic is a large audio company from Germany that creates countless professional tools for musicians and music lovers, including Headphones, IEMs, Microphones and wireless audio conference systems. Most of their products are made in Germany, and Beyerdynamic is one of the oldest companies in the world, having started since 1924 and being family-owned.
Beyerdynamic has been developing and researching audio technology for a good while now, and they have managed to create a technology that relies on a patent named the “Tesla Driver”. In a few simple words, the Tesla technology employs sturdy drivers powered by extremely powerful magnets which help music come through with better detail and considerably lower harmonic distortion. This technology has been loved by many music enthusiasts from all around the world already, Beyerdynamic’s headphones based on the Tesla technology being well-known for their natural and clear sound.
I have absolutely no affiliation with Beyerdynamic or the affiliates, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. This review will be as objective as possible and it reflects my personal experience with Xelento Remote. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in Xelento Remote find their next music companion. This review includes no paid information and no affiliate links, every link leading to normal pages, the main purpose of including them being to help the reader reach certain spots with ease.
About me
First Impression
I have owned quite a few IEMs and headphones before, Ultrasone DJ One Pro, Meze 99 Classics, Ultrasone Signature Studio, Dunu DK-3001, Sennheiser ie800, HiFiMAN RE-2000, Oriveti New Primacy, Kinera H3, and a few others. I also owned high end sources like DAPs (Opus #3, iBasso DX200, Opus #2), and high-end DAC/AMPs (iFi iDSD Black Label).
Beyedrynamic Xelento has been delivered on a nice day. Before it was delivered, the Romanian service who took care of it had missed my name, so I had to track down the package and let them know exactly how and when to deliver it. Although the sky was a clear blue and the weather was quite warm, it was slowly reminding me of hospital walls and the blue color was more clinical than friendly, the emptiness of the sky being more like an empty stare than a friendly place to be in. I received the package then rushed back to my room, since I was not accustomed to the strong summer soon. Beyerdynamic took great care to include an amazing deal of accessories, and made Xelento look way more like jewels than IEMs, but my mood was not the best on that day, so I was starting to slowly fade into a state of perpetual thought. The mirror edge design of Xelento surely brought me back for a few minutes, as it is possible to just stare into them for a while, before you realize that they are more a fine work of art than they are a IEM. I plugged them in, curious of what they’d bring. Xelento started playing music with euphoria, musicality, and soothed my bad mood with a dreamy sound that surely took all the problems off my mind for the rest of the day.
First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:
Beyerdynamic Xelento’s gentle package looks stylish and elegant, but they are packaged professionally with a lot of very useful extras. The number of tips is very good, and although the tip seems to have a custom shape, I found out later that Xelento works with other tips as well.
The package includes a cable based on the MMCX standard, 7 sets of silicone tips, 3 sets of foam tips, a shirt clip, a carry case, and the IEM units of Beyerdynamic Xelento themselves.
The carrying case looks different than the typical metal cylinder or plastic pelican like cases other IEMs comes with, Xelento coming with a leather case that offers a uniquely stylish solution to carrying your IEMs around. The case does an amazing job at keeping Xelento safe, being well padded and keeping them in place during transport.

There are two cables included with Xelento Remote, one with a remote and one without it, the cable with the remote being compatible with both Apple and Android devices. 
All in all, Beyerdynamic thought things through when it comes to packaging and including a lot of extras with their Xelento Remote IEMs. There is a different type of Xelento IEMs out there, one that also comes with Bluetooth cable designed especially for them, for those who require great sound with a BT connection.
What you should look for when considering a IEM (In-Ear Monitor)
When purchasing an IEM, there are a few factors you should take into account to ensure that you’ll have the experience you wish for. Sooner or later, all those factors will come into play one way or another:
–      Sound quality – This is, by far, the most important aspect of every purchase when you invest in high end audio products. The sonic abilities along with the frequency response / sonic signature widely differs from IEM to IEM.
–      Comfort / ergonomics – The fit and comfort are quite important, especially if you plan on using the same IEM for hours in a row, or in a live performance.
–      Isolation – Every IEM will offer some degree of isolation, but there are both models that focus on ultra-isolation from the outside noise, and open models.
–       Good Value – Always nice to have
–      Interesting/Intriguing design – Every user will have a personal preference and taste for what an “interesting design” is, but it is generally recommended to pick a IEM which you consider to be aesthetically pleasing, or in simpler words, Good Looking.
–      Drive-Factor – How easy it is to drive and how prone to hissing it is, since certain IEMs and headphones will require special sources to offer the best performance.
–      Accessories included – It is better to have a large selection of tips and accessories included with a IEM, especially for those that feature unique tips or require their own accessories.
–      Build Quality and Warranty – While it is good to have a solid warranty included with Every IEM, having a solid build quality is far better.
Technical Specifications
16 Ohm
Frequency Response
8 Hz – 48.000Hz
Rated Power Efficiency
110 dB / 1mW at 500Hz
Cable length
130 cm / 3.5mm Jack
Driver Type
Dynamic, Closed, Tesla
Coupling Type
In-Ear, Shallow Insertion Fit
Headphone to cable
connector type
(Build Quality, Sonic Quality & Usage Next Page)


  1. Patrick Nelson

    Really happy to see this review was not taken down when you upgraded the website, I have been trying to justify getting one for a long while, can’t do that anymore without your awesome review.

  2. I need to upgrade from the Xelento, but I’m not sure what to upgrade to. What do you say, George, what’s the best next step that has the same signature but a bit more detail and better comfort?

    1. George Dobrescu

      Hello there!

      I think that you could do well with a Rhapsodio Zombie, great bass, but more sparkle and more detail. Or CTM Da Vinci IX, which is smooth, but is a step up from the Xelento in many ways.

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