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HIFIMAN RE2000 – Amazing – Ample – Absolute

HIFIMAN RE2000 – Amazing – Ample – Absolute
HiFiMAN RE2000 brings a totally unique device to the market, their flagship and technological innovation. As it comes at a pretty hefty price point, RE2000 must provide one of the most amazing experiences audiophiles ever lived to justify its cost, being one of the most exquisite IEMs out there.




With the release of their latest technology, the Topology Diaphragm Driver, HiFiMAN brought two IEMs to the market, both being quite intriguing.


We reviewed the mighty RE800 and discovered that it has quite an interesting sound, perfect for acoustic and rock music, as you can read in our full-length review:


RE2000 is a different story, being the most expensive IEM we tested to date, coming in a more premium package than RE800. In fact, everything about it screams premium, from the build quality, to the box in which it is delivered, to the beautiful golden finish they have.


I was extremely curious to hear them in person when I noticed the official announcement, and I’m really thankful that I have the opportunity to share my thoughts about it with you!


Disclaimer: I have absolutely no affiliation with HiFiMAN Electronics, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. This review is part of a tour organized by HiFiMAN to share the sound of their awesome new products with audiophiles from all around the world, and I am very thankful to be part of it. This review will be as objective as possible, and it reflects my personal experience with RE2000. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in RE2000 find their next music companion.


About me



First Impression


When it comes to audio devices, I had quite a few devices already, starting from the first pair of serious IEMs I had, Sennheiser ie8, to the first serious DAP I had, FiiO X5, and eventually up to mighty devices like FiiO X7mkii, Opus #2, iBasso DX200, Sennheiser ie800, Beyerdynamic Xelento and HiFiMAN RE2000. All of those devices impressed me greatly and made this journey beautiful, enhancing every moment I lived next to them. RE2000 comes to bring further joy and happiness, and to give the unforgivable experience of HiFiMAN’s best IEM to date.
RE2000 came bundled in a little package that I had for a while, as part of a tour to experiment HiFiMAN’s best IEMs.


After having some little issues with receiving the package, I can say that HIFIMAN is an excellent company who sits behind their customers and helps them as much as they can, as they went above and beyond to help me receive their package in good order.




First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:
The unpacking and unboxing experience is as premium as it can get with RE2000 being packaged in a large wood box covered in leather, with a beautifully designed smooth plate on top. The RE2000 IEM shells are seated within their carrying case, in a snazzy foam cutout. The carry-box is one of the best there are, having a rubber enclosure at the middle and a soft-touch padding on the inside, protecting RE2000 during transport and storage.


The Cables are seated in a separate box, and the tips receive their own cardboard box with snazzy foam cutouts as well. You can find a manual, comply tips, and a few useful accessories under the main cutout on which RE2000 is seated.


Within the package you also receive a set of custom 2-pin adapters for building custom cable along with a set of ear hooks.


The cable is very well-made, with a serious-looking, gold-plated connector, crystalline-copper, silver-plated wires, and although it is on the thicker side under the Y split, it is not one bit microphonic, ensuring an excellent experience to RE2000 users.


All in all, the package includes a lot of extras and a high quality box that is sure to come in handy. The only accessory that is missing from the box is a Spinfit tip, which can be had for only a few dollars little money, but which quite essential for the enjoyment of RE2000.  


What to look in when purchasing a high-end IEM



Technical Specifications


Connector – 3.5mm SE
Impedance – 60 Ohm
Frequency Response – 5 Hz – 20.000Hz
Sensitivity – 103dB
Driver Size – 0.36″ (9.2mm)
Driver Technology – Topology Driver
Cable Material – Silver-Coated Crystaline Cooper Wire
Housing – Gold Plated Brass Housing
Driver Features – Nanoparticle Coating
Weight – 35g
Fit Type – In-Ear, Shallow Insertion Fit
Low Magnetic Emissions – Yes (Inherent)


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