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HIFIMAN RE2000 – Amazing – Ample – Absolute



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RE2000 + iFi iDSD Black LabelThe combination is excellent, and although iDSD BL might look a bit big when used with RE2000, its technical ability to drive RE2000 is amazing, providing an excellent control over the transient response, a large soundstage, an energetic and dynamic sonic signature, slightly enhancing RE2000’s tendency to be emotionally-driven IEM.


RE2000 + FiiO X7mkiiThis is one of the pairings I have heard, being the one I’ve been using the most, because X7mkii has a very energetic and lively sound that enhances RE2000’s bright side, adding life into the midrange and giving RE2000 a wide and uplifting presentation. X7mkii also has very nice resolving abilities and details, enhancing RE2000, or rather providing a very transparent window to them.


RE2000 + iBasso DX200 (AM1) – Another very enjoyable pairing, DX200 providing a very detailed sound, with a slightly more technical approach, enhancing the textures and the dynamic response of RE2000, all while giving them a slightly more forward and aggressive sound that makes them play really well with metal and punk music.


RE2000 + Opus #2 – Opus #2 is a very potent DAP which is able to drive RE2000 in a very organic and musical way, providing them with a lot of emotion and delicacy, a truly romantic and fun experience. The soundstage is very wide and deep, and the separation between instruments is one of the best RE2000 gets.


RE2000 + Shanling M2s – While not as detailed as all the pairings above, M2s is quite good at providing RE2000 with a good sense of dynamics and an engaging sound.


RE2000 + HIDIZS AP200 – AP200 brings similar detail levels as M2s, and a good dynamic sound, with lots of energy in the top end, and a somewhat larger bass presentation with slower decay for each bass note.


RE2000 + HiFiMAN Megamini – Megamini is an excellent pairing for RE2000, and even though it is one of the less expensive DAPs in this list, megamini is quite the enthusiastic experience, having a very vivid and energetic sound, excellent levels of detail, and a very wide presentation. There is no hiss present with Megamini, while it is driving RE2000.

RE2000 vs Sennheiser ie800 – Probably the most interesting comparison since ie800 and megamini sport a somewhat similar signature, comparing them left me wondering a bit about what each is trying to do best. Ie800 has been my benchmark IEM for a long time, but RE2000 brought a new horizon to my ears. The sub bass comes in larger amounts with ie800, RE2000 having more mid bass. The midrange is considerably recessed on ie800, while the top end has more extension, and comes in larger amounts. This makes RE2000 the more natural-sounding IEM out of those two, but the main surprise I had was rather within the texture levels RE2000 provides, a rather unexpectedly high level of textures, even when compared to a titan like ie800.


RE2000 vs Beyerdynamic Xelento – Xelento is a very romantic and analogue-sounding IEM which relies more on its smooth and musical sound rather than detail, where RE2000 is clearly a more detailed presentation, with a more technical sound. Starting with the bottom end, Xelento has considerably more sub-bass, a similar amount of mid-bass and a similar decay to every note. The midrange is more forward on Xelento, but comes slightly clearer and with more detail on RE2000, while the top end is considerably smoother on Xelento, having more extension on RE2000, making them sound more detailed, especially in the upper registers.


RE2000 vs DK-3001 – Dunu IEMs can stand their ground, even against flagships like RE2000, although though they are about a quarter of RE2000’s price. RE2000 comes forward with more impact in the lower registers, more midrange detail and more energy and extension in the top end, but it is impressive to see the differences between two IEMs that I enjoy so much, and how each company tried to go for a different signature when tuning each of them, DK-3001 being smoother in the top end, having less bass emphasis and a more forward midrange than RE2000.


RE2000 vs  RE800 – HIFIMAN vs HIFIMAN, Topology Driver vs Topology Driver makes a very interesting comparison. Starting with the bottom end, RE800 has less emphasis on the bass and mid bass, being more neutral than RE2000, which is warmer and bassier in comparison. The upper midrange and the top end is brighter RE800, RE2000 being closer to a natural sound. RE800 tends to sound a bit more analytical in direct comparison, but they are still some of more musical IEMs out there. RE2000 is a more universal IEM, while RE800 is an excellent acoustic and rock performer.


RE2000 vs UM Martians – This is one of the most interesting comparisons because UM Martians are something I acquired recently, and they impressed me quite a bit. Although they have two dynamic drivers per ear, Martians have less bass quantity than RE2000, and they also sport more treble, especially in the upper treble. The comfort is a bit better on RE2000, Martians having some driver flex, while RE2000 has none.


RE2000 vs ER4-XR – Etymotic IEMs always make an interesting comparison, being the kings of midrange details and one of the most analytical IEMs out there. Starting with the bottom end, RE2000 has considerably more bass impact and larger bass quantities, ER4-XR is very forward in the midrange, making RE2000 feel rather natural, although it is slightly V-shaped, and in the top end RE2000 has considerably more extension and more energy, again feeling more natural. Even though ER4-XR is less than 20% of the price of RE2000, the level of details and textures in the midrange they provide are insane, although RE2000 still comes a bit better. I think it is fair to say that RE2000 is considerably more universal than ER4-XR, but the details of ER4-XR are impossible to deny, even when they’re placed against something as fiercely enticing as RE2000.


RE2000 vs Oriveti New Primacy – ONP is a newly released IEM, made by Oriveti, which sports a signature that is musical and romantic, reminder of the days of listening to a magnetofon-based setup. RE2000 has a considerably more precise bass, a less forward midrange, and a more energetic top end. ONP boasts a sound somewhat similar to a mini-Xelento rather than RE2000, RE2000 being quite a bit more enthusiastic when compared to a relaxed IEM like ONP.


Value and Conclusion


HIFIMAN RE2000 is the most expensive IEM I had the chance to hear to date, and while we can deduce that HIFIMAN didn’t try to make it a value-oriented IEM, we can judge it for how well it was created and for how much offers for its price.
Starting with the package, RE2000 comes in one of the fanciest boxes a IEM can come in, with leather on the outside, real wood construction and metallic hinges, being a genuinely nice and premium package. The carry box has a soft touch material on the inside, and RE2000 themselves are plated in gold, HIFIMAN offering premium on everything, from the materials chosen, the construction process and the package.


The sound is in line with the price, RE2000 being one of the most universal, most detailed, most organic, most musical and most portable IEMs I tried to date. Everything about RE2000 is luxury, elegance, premium and attention to detail. The excellent sound is only natural for a IEM priced this high, and it is possible to say that RE2000 truly delivers one of the most astonishing audio performances, having an energetic, lively, dynamic, engaging and emotional sound. The detail levels are on par with its price and it provides similar detail and texture levels as 4000$+ headphones with large amplifiers.


If you have the chance to give RE2000 a listen, you shouldn’t miss it, as they will make one of the most enlightening experiences you can come across. If you can afford them, you’ll probably want to indulge in purchasing and using what is one of the most premium and enjoyable IEMs out there.


In the end, RE2000 delivers an experience worthy of their price tag, being an IEM that can be recommended to those who can afford it, even at its premium price point







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We listened to more songs than those named in this playlist, but those are excellent for identifying a sonic signature.  PRaT, Texturization, Detail, Resolution, Dynamics, Impact, and overall tonality are all revealed by those songs. We recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new music!


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