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Oriveti New Primacy – Elegant, Affordable, Romantic

Oriveti New Primacy – Elegant, Affordable, Romantic



Oriveti comes to challenge the 300$ price range with their New Primacy IEM, promising to bring us a very smooth, natural and romantic sound that will take us away into a world of fun and colors. We’ll be putting their latest New Primacy IEM to test today, and we’ll see how they perform compared to other IEMs!







Oriveti is a growing company from China, who has been behind a few IEM models which were well-received by music lovers from all over the world, with their newest additions being probably the most interesting ones, including their New Primacy IEM. Although Oriveti has less presence on Social Media and forums than most audio companies I’ve talked with before, their support and PR departments were very helpful and they are doing an awesome job at keeping in touch with their fans and clients.


It should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with Oriveti, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. This review is not sponsored nor has been paid for by Oriveti or any other company. I’d like to thank Marco from Oriveti for providing the sample for the review. The sample was provided along with Oriveti’s request for an honest and unbiased review. This review will be as objective as it is humanly possible, and it reflects my personal experience with New Primacy. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in New Primacy find their next music companion.


About me




First Impression
It was a faded summer day when I received the New Primacy IEM. The one thing I really recall about it is that it was just another day in the Summer with the weather slowly fading to the unavoidable lethargic yet somehow romantic Autumn. I was sitting in my room, staring at the window, watching the leaves slowly turning from a lively green to a royal golden color as the rich season was slowly settling in. A blurred yet somehow shouty call disturbed from my immensely profound trance, as countless golden leaved were dancing in my mind.



A magical package was to be delivered to me in a few minutes, and I had to get out quickly as the driver was in a bit of a rush. I complied quickly, and I went to pick it up. I left my room in a rush, without taking much with me, besides my phone and my music listening setup. When the delivery man handled me the package, I was quite enticed by the size of the box, Oriveti being quite enthusiastic with their packaging and the number of accessories included.

I went ahead and plugged New Primacy in my Opus #2 DAP, not knowing exactly what to expect of their sound.

The song I played first on Oriveti New Primacy was something quite Romantic, a combination of Rock and metal, a moniker of music, Dope – Sing. A meaty, thick and musical composition started slowly enticing my mind with its magical flow and rhythm. The voices sounded sweet, the acoustic guitars played with a magical texture, and the bass notes were thick, playful, the whole thing being quite musical and relaxing. I left my work chair to lie a bit in my bed and enjoy the magical sound that this edgy-looking IEM was able to present to this listener. I spent the next few hours enjoying the magic of Oriveti New Primacy, being hard to go back to work when something so sweet and magical is there to entice your ears.



First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:

The unboxing and unpacking experience of Oriveti New Primacy is very interesting as Oriveti thought of everything and included a lot of very useful extras in the package, starting with the awesome carrying box, which is made of metal, and which has a very fine velvety material on the inside to protect the IEMs during transport, and the very large number of tips that will ensure the best listening experience with Oriveti New Primacy.
The IEMs themselves are very nicely presented, one being decorated with Oriveti’s logo, which looks delightful. The box has everything seated in a foam cutout, and the IEMs themselves are seated in a large foam cutout and presented as a high-end product to the buyer.
Besides the excellent carry box, and the IEMs themselves, there is a 6.3mm gold-plated adaptor, a flight adaptor, ear hooks, a selection of tips, including foam tips, and a few useful manuals. Oriveti New Primacy’s cables are detachable, and although there aren’t any spare cables included in the box, the default cables included with ONP is flexible, quite sturdy and looks awesome while in usage. The fact that the ear hooks aren’t permanently attached to the cables is a bonus in my mind, as I found comfort to be best when the ear guide part is not attached to the cable.


The unpacking experience feels very premium, and Oriveti must be commended for using high quality materials for the package and for presenting the accessories in a very delightful way.


What to look in when purchasing a high-end IEM




Technical Specifications


Connector – 3.5mm SE, Gold Plated
Impedance – 8 Ohm
Frequency Response – 20 Hz – 20.000Hz
Sensitivity – 105dB
Driver Technology – BA + Dynamic Hybrid driver
Housing – Metal construction
Driver Features – Dual Balanced Armature Driver + 1 Dynamic Driver
Weight – 35g
Cable Length – 1.2m
Distortions – <1%
Fit Type – In-Ear, Shallow Insertion Fit
Low Magnetic Emissions – Yes (Inherent)

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