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HiFiMAN RE2000 – Amazing – Ample – Absolute


Build Quality/Aesthetics/Fit


HiFiMAN RE2000 is a unique technical and technological accomplishment, state-of-the-art IEM which relies on cutting edge technology developed especially for them (The Topology Driver). Physically, they are on the larger size, to allow enough space for the rather large 9.2mm Topology driver. Despite their rather large size, the fit and ergonomics are quite excellent. RE2000 relies on a shallow insertion fit, has a vented design (presents no driver flex), and they have an ergonomic body without any acute angles or edges, featuring a smooth body that can sit comfortably in one’s ears for hours in a row.
The Topology driver is a unique technology developed by Dr. Fang Bian after years of research and tryouts with unique and independently-developed material coatings along with a series of patterns that ensure the best sound possible for their drivers. In all fairness, the sound of RE2000 is surely influenced by this technology and it has proved to bear a rather unique signature.


The build quality is excellent, RE2000 being built from one gold piece and a black plastic plate that bears the logo of HiFiMAN. The bores are normal sized and they feature a metal grille to protect the driver inside from dust and other debris. The cable connectors are made out of hard plastic, and they are designed with the pins on the cable, providing a guide for proper cable insertion.


After almost three months of usage, RE2000 feels and looks exactly as they did the first day I saw them, being some of the highest quality IEMs when it comes to their resilience.


RE2000 can be driven from virtually any source, being quite efficient and having an average impedance, but they sound much better when driven from higher quality sources (FiiO X7mkii, iBasso DX200, Opus #2, iDSD BL, etc.), scaling well with higher quality sources.


RE2000 can be used outdoors, isolating quite well from the ambient noise and providing great comfort while walking or doing other activities, being some of the IEMs I grab most often when going outside.


Sound Quality


RE2000 has a unique sonic signature, with a strong, natural, enhanced and hard-hitting bottom end, a clear, detailed, dynamic, engaging, emotional and well-presented mid range, and an enhanced, energetic, detailed, airy, and uplifting top-end.
The sound is fun to listen to for hours, and it provides a strong wow effect that doesn’t go away with time, being one of the few IEMs that manages to amaze me every time I place them in my ears. The slightly V-shaped signature of RE2000 works amazingly well with any type of music they play, from Classical to Power Metal to Electronic to Pop to Punk. It is also good to mention that the sound is musical and bears good emotional attachment to each note, being quite revealing, without being harsh, bright or analytical.




The low end is strongly presented, with an excellent sub-bass amount and impact, a visceral presentation, and a very good level of detail and layering. The upper bass is slightly enhanced, leading to some warmth and enthusiasm added in the presentation. The attack and decay are good enough to keep the visceral bass separated from the midrange and present the whole bass as a detailed and on its own.


Machinae Supremacy – The Second One – The song is presented vividly, with strong bass lines and clear guitar riffs that tickle the hearing sense of the listener. Drums are snappy and bass guitars are visceral, yet very well paced and playful. The background voices are clear and come through with good energy and detail. Everything comes through with an amazing lively feeling, and the whole song feels very dynamic. The story about the second one, the false, yet the-one-who-wins, is presented with great emotional engagement and a strong sense of fantasy.


Sonata Arctica – Fly With The Black Swan – The song starts with a very playful and dynamic intro, followed by a strong combination of acoustic guitars woven in with visceral bass guitars. Voices are presented clear with a natural tone and excellent detailing, especially for the background voices, while the drums are vivid and snappy, the cymbals and bell-symbols feeling well-extended and emotional. Guitars have a sweet and musical sound to them, along with juicy textures. The spatial cues are excellent, being possible to pinpoint guitars that are playing in the left and right areas of the soundscape, as well as effects that feel like they travel through the sonic scape. The story about the boy who died, but is saved by the black swan is presented with excellent emotional attachment, being possible to see yourself flying next to him on the black swan.


Om – State Of Non-Return – The song starts with a playful guitar woven with strong and impactful bass, accompanied by a snappy drum set, everything being presented with lively and energetic. The song feels very spacious and everything feels quite well-placed. Violins bear enough emotion to impress even the most savage listener, and they can make an unprepared man cry his soul out. The story about the human condition is presented with an emotional attitude, in a romantic yet somehow sad way, giving this song way into the listener’s soul.




The midrange is expressed perfectly natural, having the idea thickness, being extremely revealing, showing details and textures in music, that even other high end IEMs can miss at times. There is a natural tone to all instruments and voices, but RE2000 seems to add a bit more emotion to Female voices, useful especially with music like Dark Cabaret or Metal. The sound is extremely dynamic, bearing a large difference between loud and silent passages, being much closer to an analogue-like sweet sound rather than an analytical type. Compared to the rather forward bass, mid bass, and treble, the midrange can feel a bit less forward at times, leading to the perception of a slightly V-Shaped sound.


His Statue Falls – I Am The Architect – The song has a quick and speedy intro, with aggressive guitar layers woven in with drums and eclectic electronic effects. The bass is presented with a good amount of realism and impact to it, being a good driving force for the whole song, and voices are presented with a very natural tone and a nicely clear texture. RE2000 manages to present the whole song with excellent depth and width, giving it a very musical yet detailed presentation.


Maximum The Hormone – Bikini Sports Ponchin – MTH is a band which employs a high amount of energy and aggressiveness in their music, being one of the most lively bands out there. The song starts with a very precise yet playful intro. The voices have excellent energy and life to them, the guitars being presented vividly, with very realistic textures. The cymbals have good energy and extension, feeling rather bright and fun to listen to, being exactly as they should be, not harsh, but not smoothed out either. The song has a forward feeling to it, feeling rather natural and well-presented.


Amaranthe – On The Rocks – The playful combination between Alternative and electronic music sounds excellent on RE2000, coming forward with a good dynamic sense for each instrument, a very holographic and bright, energetic presentation. RE2000 presents Amaranthe’s music with an excellent instrument separation and layering that amazes even the most seasoned of listeners. Female voices feel sweet and romantic, while male voices feel strong and bear a natural tone, leading to an excellent experience for the whole song.




The treble of RE2000 is crisp and energetic, slightly bright, but without any trace of sibilance or harshness. There is a very tiny peak at  5-6 kHz which helps RE2000 get a very nice definition of cymbals, violins and which helps adding a bit more emotion to music, but it is kept well under the limit of being too much. There is a slight emphasis around 10 kHz, giving RE2000 an interesting extension for the whole treble. The treble feels airy and well expressed, and all instruments feel well separated between each other. RE2000 doesn’t seem to focus as much after 10 kHz when it comes to their treble, but they nail the energy and uplifting emotion of cymbals very well.


Massakren – Threshold – This is an excellent Black Metal piece to test RE2000, as it has both a very romantic sound, but also a dooming message and emotion it is supposed to get through to the listener. Cymbals feel lively and have good presence, while guitars sound musical and romantic, the bass notes being forward and bearing good impact. Voices have a very natural tone to them, being presented with enough aggressiveness to make the whole song The rather dark message is presented faithfully to the listener, bearing the right amount of musicality and evilness to make the song feel genuine.


Dimmu Borgir – Gateways – Dimmu’s work feels rather well-exposed with a lot of detail and micro-detail presented to the listener, along with a magical musicality about the guitars and the background instruments and synths. The voices feel rough and well-textured, as they should in a Black Metal song. The cymbals are presented, but don’t feel overbearing, while the trumpets have an excellent presence and texture to them. The synths are presented vividly in the background, while the female vocals have an excellent emotional feeling to them. All in all, the story about awakening of the darkness within is presented in an intricate and emotional way, providing a sweet and convincing experience to the listener.


BassNectar – Music Is The Drug – The song starts with a slow and deep intro that relaxes the listener, and which builds into a lively and uplifting exposition. The bass feels visceral and real, tangible, and has a very natural feeling to it. The midrange is expressed vividly, and with excellent width to every effect and musical note. The top end is clear and airy, while the cymbals and the high-end symbols are lively and credible. All special effects are presented even more vivid than they are on many full-blown speakers.




The Soundstage of RE2000 is one of their most impressive qualities, extending very nicely in both depth and width, expressing a lot of air between instruments, and giving background instruments a nice background nature, while forward instruments are presented lively and forward. When a sound effect travels through the sonic space, it is easy to pinpoint its position and RE2000 has a very good positioning for each instrument and sound they play, giving everything a rather holographic exposition.

Instrument separation is quite impressive as well, being one of the best there are, without going into the analytical territory. Every unique instrument is separated from others, but they all combine grandiosely to create a larger musical presentation. If there is one word to define the instrument separation of RE2000, that is organic and natural, with good definition.



The ADSR and PRaT characteristics of RE2000 are quick, natural, well-textured, crispy and revealing. The Topology Driver proves to be one of the best driver technologies when it comes to providing an excellent edge to the ADSR characteristics of each musical note. Electronic music with very complex layering and detail is presented vividly, with good amounts of engagement, without being hard on the ears.


Portable Usage


RE2000 is an in-ear monitor that is quite portable, and although the cable is thick under the Y split, they are still some of the most portable IEMs out there, often being my one of my top choices, even when going outside or doing a more intensive activity. There is no microphonic noise to speak about, and RE2000 stays well-placed in the ears of the listener (especially with Spinfit tips). RE2000 isolates quite well from the outside noise, being enjoyable while on-the-go, even at very low volumes. Since they can go very loud without any trace of distortion, they are well-fit for both quiet and loud listeners.
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