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HIFI Walker H2 Touch PRO DAP – Return Of the MP3 Player

HIFI Walker H2 Touch PRO DAP – Return Of the MP3 Player

HIFI Walker H2 Touch Pro is a $159 USD DAP or Digital Audio Player designed with Bluetooth and Wifi, and support for microSD cards up to 1 TB, which is available on Amazon and other outlets, and which promises a good Hifi experience, along the 3.5″ display. Today we will review the H2 Touch PRO and compare it to other entry-level DAPs including Hiby M300 (199 USD), Shanling M1s (229 USD) and HIDIZS AP80 PRO X (199 USD).



HIFI Walker is one of the most popular producers of DAPs, at least judging from how many they sell on Amazon. They have over 3000 reviews for their H2 DAP, and it is one of my most read reviews to date, so people really liked the experience they got with the H2. This being said, the company has to move forward and include more features to remain relevant today, so they launched the H2 Touch PRO, a version with 3.5″ touch display instead of buttons, and with a few extras. As an Amazon Influencer, I earn from qualifying purchases, and using the purchase links in my reviews helps me pay for the hosting and maintenance services, allowing me to continue posting on this website and Youtube Channel. HIFI Walker has provided the sample for this review, in exchange for my honest opinion. 

PROs – Wide and holographic sound, emotional and sweet female voice presentatin, exceptional stereo separation, incredible dynamic range and resolution, smooth textures which are never fatiguing, playful and colorful general tonality which works well for all music, a warm and full bass, combined with exceptional treble extension and air, yet without any fatiguing elements, ergonomic design, strong driving power for IEMS with no background noise, and exceptional battery life. Cover Art works well, and it can play both Mp3 and Flac files just fine. 

Cons – Outdated and slow firmware, microSD cards do not get indexed easily, and some of my microSD cards with music do not work at all. No Streaming, and the Bluetooth connection is weak. It is basically an MP3 player with a touch interface, and with a functional custom EQ, the display seems to be locked at 30 Hz / 30 fps. 


Product Link

You can get one here – https://amzn.to/4d8SJYw


Build Quality/Aesthetics

H2 Touch PRO is a pretty ergonomic, small DAP with a rounded design, no sharp edges, but a central display 3.5″ in size, with a fairly dim background light, and a IPS TFT tech inside. The company used 2.5D rounded glass in the display, to make it more ergonomic, and the player itself is scratch resistant. 

We have volume buttons on the right side, and a Type-C port next to a 3.5mm single ended jack at the bottom. The on/off switch is at the top, with a microSD slot that needs a SIM eject tool on the left side. The back of the DAP is rounded and uses glass, with the display occupying a big part of the front, unlike the H2 Touch non pro, which had a small display for its size, and which had very sharp edges. 

There are some functions which will likely be less useful, like e-book reader, as a 3.5″ display isn’t really fit for reading books, nor is the resolution of the display very high, and with the limited maximum brightness, H2 Touch PRO is more of a Mp3 player than Android DAP. This is a trend we will notice more and more in today’s review, but the extra futures, while existent, are limited by the firmware, as it uses a Linux custom build rather than standard Android. 

We do have a Wifi connection, but it cannot be used for streaming, it is only there for syncing the time and for updating the firmware online, or voice searches for your local music. The SNR of the DAP is >80dB, while the THD is 0.005%. We have a Volume meter with 32 Steps, and a maximum headphone output power of 50mW. The total battery is 1900mAh, but given the low driving power, the DAP has a battery life of around 8 hours if used at half volume. It takes around 3 hours to charge the H2 Touch PRO. 

On the bright side, H2 Touch PRO has all the features you would need for a high-quality Mp3 Music Player, including cover art support, synchronized lyrics support, and even Custom EQ. There is Bluetooth support, but it only works as a bluetooth transmitter, and uses Bluetooth 4.2, with SBC only. There is no USB DAC function, and the H2 Touch PRO does not come with a transport / protection case, although there is a little pouch included in the package. Gapless playback seems to not be supported. The battery does not drain while it is not being used. 



Generally speaking, the software of the H2 Touch PRO is below fair, it moves slowly, with the display having around 30 frames per second or 30 Hz refresh rate. My microSD cards do not get read easily, and sometimes the music will not start playing, so for most people I expect you will only be able to use the 30 GB of available internal memory. It takes half a second for the DAP to register your touch input. It is best to not touch it while it is indexing your music if you want the process to be successful. 

While it is possible to run a firmware update for the H2 Touch, I have not received any kind of firmware updates in over a year since I got it, so I would expect that this is how the experience will be like with it. The main issue stems from the CPU being quite slow and outdated. Files played from the internal memory work very well, they get indexed properly, and you can seek within a song. Cover art works well, and it looks sharp, both flac and MP3 files work well. A nice hidden feature of H2 Touch PRO is that it will resume the song from the last known position, which I have not seen on any other DAP. 


Sound Quality

Pairings – As the only headphone output on the H2 Touch PRO is 3.5mm Single Ended and quite limited in power, I have mainly paired it with IEMs, the list including ThieAudio Legacy 4, Campfire Bonneville, HIDIZS MS3, FIR Audio e12 Electron, Spirit Torino Twin Pulse Beryllium, and Soundz Avant. Surprisingly, the H2 Touch PRO can drive all of those really well, with a crisp, clean sound, no background noise and generally the sound with IEMs is very good. At 22/32 the volume is already plenty loud and with zero distortion with all IEMs. 

Overall Signature – The sound of the H2 Touch is the main reason you’d purchase it, and I find it hard to say this myself, but the sound is well worth the price, we have a holographic, wide sound, with exceptional resolution, vivid vocals, and colorful guitars, the DAP having both authority and control, warmth in the bass, and treble extension, and being pleasing in the tuning. 

Bass – Most entry-level DAPs will roll off at both ends, having a shallow bass, combined with a rolled off treble, but H2 Touch PRO has a deep, impactful bass that can reach 20 Hz easily with IEMs which can touch it too. The bass is plenty, warm, rounded and pleasing to hear. The bass character is fluid, wet, with no dryness, rather H2 Touch PRO sounding clean and having a full, lush presentation. 

Midrange – Both male and female voices are colorful and vivid, realistic, with female voices being presented with strong emotion and contrast, and male voices deep and imposing. Guitars sound forward and direct, but playful, with no fatiguing elements. The tuning works like magic and makes it seem as if it is the first time I am hearing many songs, including from artists I listen to on a daily basis like Himehina, there is a strong sense of sweetness in the voices of J-Rock and J-pop bands, plus rock and metal sound as I am drunk and happy at a live concert, every musical note jumps right at you in a playful and vivid way. Dark and heavy music like Black metal also brings in that dooming sense of despair that it should have, basically everything is presented with enhanced emotion and dynamics. 

Dynamics / PRaT / Textures – Hifi Walker always has a softer texture presentation for their DAPs, and this is a big reason why they are so well-liked, the sound can be enjoyed loud with no harshness, even metal music sounds clean and juicy, clean and fatigue-free. Detail and resolution is still top-notch, just not forced nor does it ever feel or sound too forward. 

Soundstage – The soundstage of the H2 Touch PRO is superb, music is played wide laterally, deep both in the front of and behind the listener, and there’s an excellent sense of instrument separation and definition. Sound is simply full of contrast, and color, music happens all around you and is presented as the happiest, most energy-filled rave party you’ve ever been to, and the soundstage is larger and wider than in any club I’ve heard, the presentation is simply so fun it is intoxicating. 

Volume Control – There is very little variation of quality with higher or lower volume, which means that volume control is excellent, you can enjoy the H2 Touch PRO at any volume, it will still sound excellent. 

Treble – The treble extension of the H2 Touch PRO is excellent, it can reach 20 kHz easily, and show a brilliant, sharp high-end, without adding it unnaturally to all music, instead blending in some air and clarity everywhere it is supposed to be, and revealing micro textures and details naturally in all songs. I would say H2 Touch PRO is sonically a hidden diamond. 



HIFI Walker H2 Touch PRO vs Hiby Digital M300 (159 USD vs 199 USD)

Build – Structurally, H2 Toch PRO is more solid than M300, it has a harder shell, less plastic and more glass, and both DAPs only have a 3.5mm single ended headphone output. The firmware of M300 is smoother and it has more features, but I generally only make use of the music playback anyways, as those DAPs are too small for my fingers and eyes to use for reading books or playing videos. Neither does not work as a USB DAC. 

Sound – Sonically, H2 Touch PRO is considerably more detailed, more vivid, with a deeper bass, and a sharper, more powerful treble. The sound of M300 sounds more compressed and is generally more of what you can expect from the price point, while H2 Touch sounds considerably more vivid and sweeter, at the cost of being far harder to use on a daily basis as a DAP. The driving power of H2 PRO is higher, and the background noise is lower, so it is recommended for all IEMs, if you can put up with a slow and buggy firmware. 


HIFI Walker H2 Touch PRO vs HIDIZS AP80 PRO X (159 USD vs 199 USD)

Build – HIDIZS made a smaller DAP in the AP80 PRO X, but it has the drawback of being downright too small for my hands and eyes, being at most a shuffle DAP, while I can browse a playlist more easily with H2 Touch PRO. Both DAPs are basically Mp3 Players, although you can do a few more tricks with AP80PRO X. There is a balanced output on the AP80PROX, but it is in the 2.5mm small size, which was never adopted by most people as it is a frail connector, so you’re fairly likely to use a SE cable with both. Neither doesn’t work well as a USB DAC, with H2 having no USB DAC function, but while AP80PROX has a USB DAC function it has a noticeable delay for it , so it is not fit for playing games or watching movies.  

Sound – Sonically, the midrange of H2 is much sweeter, more holographic, the bass is warmer and deeper, with more and better impact, while there is far more sense of space and separation between instruments. AP 80 PRO X sounds more neutral, sharper, more dry and it is generally a very flat sounding DAP, while H2 Touch PRo has more emotion, better resolution and it brings forward more details, being the DAP I would recommend if you wanted to hear the best sonics possible for the money, although the firmware is more laggy and buggy. 


HIFI Walker H2 Touch PRO vs Shanling M1S (159 USD vs 229 USD)

Build – M1s is also a good option, and likely the only fair competitor for the H2 Touch PRO today, as it is the only one which can be similar sonically, but first the shape and size of M1S is actually less ergonomic, it is a thick and short box, with a volume wheel, but the frontal facing buttons are harder and less natural to use. The firmware of shanling is stronger and it is made by Hiby, so it comes with a more natural overall feeling to usage, it has no bugs or hiccups, while H2 Touch PRO is slower, has certain bugs as I described in today’s review. Both are hard to use as a USB DAC, as Shanling M1S needs a specific driver without which it won’t work. 

Sound – Sonically, both have a warmer and fuller bass, with strong impact, and a wide soundstage. This being said, the resolution, general clarity and sweetness of H2 Touch PRO makes it intoxicating, it is more brilliant in the treble, sounds more emotional and more vivid, while M1S sounds flatter and more neutral in direct comparison. Generally speaking, H2 Touch sounds like it would appear in a much higher price range, really colorful, while M1S sounds smooth, relaxed and with a soft treble. 


Value and Conclusion

For the price of $159 USD, HIFI Walker H2 Touch PRO is a true diamond in the rough, a hidden gem, and the sonic performance you’re getting for the money can’t be found at 500 USD usually. You do have to put up with the goofy firmware which is sluggish and it is not a convenient to use DAP on a daily basis, but it sounds so good that I can pardon all its shortcomings once I hear just how sweet and playful it makes all my music sound like. 

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a detailed, clean, and holographic sounding DAP, with a warm and lush bass, quick impact, and brilliant treble, all without ever being fatiguing, HIFI Walker H2 Touch PRO is sonically a personal favorite in 2024, although not for the faint of heart if you need streaming, or anything besides an MP3 Player.


Product Link

You can get one here – https://amzn.to/4d8SJYw

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Full Playlist used for this review

We listened to more songs than those named in this playlist, but those are excellent for identifying a sonic signature.  I recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new music! The playlists are different for Spotify, Tidal and Youtube, and based on the songs I enjoy and are available on each!




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