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Nuarl N10 Plus TWS IEMs – Press Forward, Attack Force

Nuarl N10 Plus TWS IEMs – Press Forward, Attack Force

N10Plus is the latest TWS IEM from Nuarl, a company that has been slowly making an entrance to the audio market, and into our hearts, and which promises to deliver greatness for affordable prices. N10 Plus is priced at 165 USD at the moment of writing this review, and it comes with aptX, ANC and a 10mm dynamic driver. They will be compared to Hiby WH3 (170 USD), RHA TrueConnect (170 USD), and Master&Dynamic MW07Plus (300 USD). 



Nuarl is a newer company with few products launched so far, and since this is the first time I’m reviewing one of their IEMs, I can’t tell more than that they are some of the friendliest folks out there, provide really good support for their customers and their products are well designed. They also do not over promise and are generally really honest about what they sell, and features like battery life, or technology used / supported. Whenever a problem with their IEMs is detected, they will take it back and make things right for you. 

It should be noted that I have absolutely no affiliation with NUARL, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. I’d like to thank NUARL for providing the sample for this review. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in NUARL N10 Plus find their next music companion. 


Product Link

You can grab one from www.amazon.com here: https://amzn.to/3nhZ6zD

If you’re in the UK, you can grab one from www.amazon.co.uk here: https://amzn.to/3E8sZJC

And if you’re from Europe, you can grab one from www.amazon.de here: https://amzn.to/3E9ASya



First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:

The package of N10Plus is actually really cool, and they come with the TWS IEMs, a few sets of tips, and ear hooks to further improve their comfort. They also come with a charging cable, and since the case uses type-c connectors, it is easy to find a cable around the house, or use the one that came with your smartphone. 


Build Quality/Aesthetics/Fit/Comfort

The case of the N10 Plus is really cool, and it is not used for pairing, which makes things easier. The case is made of plastic but does not scratch easily, and I placed it on concrete and other surfaces as well for the photos you see in today’s review, yet it gathered no scratches. It takes about one hour and a half to charge the case, and it can hold about 6 charges. Most of us won’t deplete the TWS IEMs entirely, so it should have more than 6 for most people. 

The TWS IEMs have about 5 hours of battery life, and about 3 hours if you turn on the ANC function. This is a realistic number, which I like, but it is on the low end of battery life. Still, with 6 additional charges or more, you can easily get 20 to 30 hours of battery life from N10 Plus. The Bluetooth protocol is 5.2 and is compatible with aptX adaptive, aptX, SBC and AAC. 

N10 Plus has an IPX4 water resistance rating, and they are somewhat large, so may be uncomfortable for smaller ears. The TWS IEMs are also slightly heavy, so you will need to use the hooks that come with them to fully enjoy them. The overall Bluetooth reliability is pretty amazing, they don’t lose the connection easily, and you could jog and run with them. They are also full of holes, for microphones, and the phone call quality / microphone quality is more than decent. 

We get good passive noise isolation, and the ANC process does not degrade the sonic quality too much, so it is fairly usable. Ambient sound will actively record noise and mix it with your music, so you will be able to hear talk and other noise around you, but the volume of ambient sound is enough to drown out with your music only at about half of my smartphone’s volume. Anything louder will mean that the music is already too loud for me to hear anything, even in ambient mode on, and me typing on my keyboard is not really audible. All in all, usage is fun and practical with N10 Plus. 


Sound Quality

We have a really clean and clear signature with N10 Plus, with a crisp and detailed sound. The bass is uplifted, for an extra thicc sub-bass, the main bass body is also enhanced, so the whole sound has good weight and impact, while the midrange is slightly thin and recessed, and the treble rolls of gently after the upper midrange, and results in a non-fatiguing sound that still has some sparkle from the upper midrange / lower treble. Most people refer to this kind of signature as V-Shaped. 

The bass of N10 Plus is really deep, full and thick. It is satisfying to listen to, and it is natural edging on slow for speed, but with a smooth texture, and a good amount of push even with metal and lighter songs. While not exactly the most versatile of takes for all music styles, you generally won’t listen to classical through a TWS IEM, so the bass is perfect for Pop, EDM, Dubstep, Workout music, rock and even metal. I wouldn’t listen to acoustical or classical with N10 Plus, on the account of the bass not being the fastest and the higher substance in music being a bit too much and punchy for those styles. 

The midrange is slightly thin, especially compared to the thick and deep bass, and it is slightly recessed. This being said, N10Plus has a good amount of clarity and detail, they have plenty of punch in the mids, with a really lively signature. At the maximum volume, N10Plus is quite satisfying and has a good presence all across the board. The midrange is not very recessed, just slightly, compared to the more forward bass. The midrnage has a pretty specific peak around 4kHz which turns female voices brilliant, but can push guitars slightly upfront. The soundstage of N 10 Plus is good for the price, and they have a good amount of detail as well. Despite them being aptX and not LDAC, they still have good dynamics too. 

The treble of N10 Plus has most of the energy focused around that 4kHz peak, and there’s some remaining uplift at about 6-7kHz, after which the treble rolls off gently. The treble character is a non-harsh, natural one, but it is too recessed for most to consider quantitative enough to mention. 



Given the price of N 10Plus, I have picked a few worthy competitors like Hiby WH3, Rha TrueConnect, and Master&Dynamic MW07Plus

NUARL N10PLUS vs Hiby WH3 (160 USD vs 170 USD) – WH3 has that apple-wearing style so they are a bit less comfortable than N10 Plus. The button control on N10Plus is also better. The overall sound has more mid bass bump on N10Plus, with more thickness, and with more general bass. WH3 sounds more balanced, more neutral. N10Plus is more engaging. WH3 tends to be better for a wider selection of music, while I would mainly recommend N10Plus for Electronic, if you were making a choice between those two. 

NUARL N10PLUS vs RHA TrueConnect (160 USD vs 170 USD) – RHA reduced the price they are selling the TrueConnect for, as they were not competitive enough in the market, but they are still good to mention here and there, since not enough people heard and know about them. The overall sound of N10Plus is more detailed, more punchy, louder at maximum volume, more engaging, and has more upper midrange peak. TrueConnect is more veiled, thicker, warmer, with less treble, smoother. N10 Plus is more dynamic. I would recommend N10Plus a bit more, but since you can find TrueConnect at 100 USD less nowadays, they do make a nice proposal at that price point, for an entry-level TWS IEM. 

NUARL N10PLUS vs Master&Dynamic MW07PLUS (160 USD vs 300 USD) – We have both IEMS with the “Plus” part in the name, but N10 costs about half of what MW07Plus does. Still, the comparison is fairly relevant, with N10Plus being similar in shape and design to MW07Plus. The overall tuning is similar between the two IEMS, with MW07Plus being really similar to N10Plus. I would say that the main reason to go for MW07Plus would be if you want a slightly smoother and less prominent treble, and if you prefer the design / aesthetics / slightly better comfort, while the main reason to go for N10Plus is if you want ANC and don’t mind the more bland design. The tuning, signature, everything is really similar. 


Value and Conclusion

NUARL N10 PLUS has a great value in general, and they are honest about their performance. I love the fact that it can go so loud, and I love their dynamic, punchy presentation. The overall build quality is also good, and the company support for their products is great as well. We have a Type-C connector on the charging case, it has great phone call quality, and the ANC function works splendidly, with zero damage done to the actual music quality. 

If you’re looking for a high quality TWS IEM with ANC, I am willing to say that N10Plus has the best implementation of ANC or Active Noise Cancelling to date, and if you’ll like their signature with no ANC, you will love it with ANC as well, as they manage to implement ANC in such a way that it doesn’t degrade the sonics of N10Plus at all. 


Product Link

You can grab one from www.amazon.com here: https://amzn.to/3nhZ6zD

If you’re in the UK, you can grab one from www.amazon.co.uk here: https://amzn.to/3E8sZJC

And if you’re from Europe, you can grab one from www.amazon.de here: https://amzn.to/3E9ASya

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Full Playlist used for this review

We listened to more songs than those named in this playlist, but those are excellent for identifying a sonic signature.  PRaT, Texturization, Detail, Resolution, Dynamics, Impact, and overall tonality are all revealed by those songs. We recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new music!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PL_cjBXGmwSHSdGcwuc_bKbBDGHL4QvYBu[/embedyt]


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