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Oriveti New Primacy – Elegant, Affordable, Romantic



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ONP + iFi iDSD Black Label – This is an excellent combination, but it should be noted that ONP requires iDSD BL to be set to Eco power mode, and for the iEMatch to be fully engaged. iDSD BL enhances the detail in the presentation of ONP, giving them a more neutral top end, along with a slightly thicker bass, giving them a good amount of dynamic force and energy. iDSD BL tends to enhance the depth of ONP’s soundstage, giving them a very realistic presentation.


ONP + FiiO X7mkii – This is one of the pairings I’ve been using the most actually, X7mkii being one of my top-choice DAPs when it comes to taking a DAP outside. X7mkii helps ONP sound more vibrant and lively in the midrange, slightly enhancing their textures and vividness, along with the soundstage width, giving ONP a wide and airy feeling.


ONP + iBasso DX200 (AM1) – DX200 is an excellent DAP to enhance the detail retrieval abilities of ONP, leading to a very detailed, yet musical combination. DX200 tends to have a very natural soundstage presentation, leading to an excellent pairing between it and ONP.


ONP + Opus #2 – Opus #2 is one of the best DAPs at enhancing the organic and musical sound of a IEM, ONP being no exception and receiving quite a bit of love and extra musicality from Opus #2. The soundstage of Opus #2 tends to have a wide and airy presentation with most IEMs, ONP also receiving quite a bit of extra width from Opus #2.


ONP + Shanling M2s – Shanling M2s is actually an excellent DAP to drive ONP, since it emphasizes their warm and musical sound. M2s provides a more intimate experience with ONP, leading to a warm, musical and forward sound.


ONP + HIDIZS AP200 – AP200 is quite good at providing ONP with a very smooth and dynamic sound. The pairing works quite well for those who like a musical and emphatic sound.


ONP + HiFiMAN Megamini – Megamini is quite impressive once again, providing a very dynamic and energetic sound with ONP, along with very good levels of detail. There is a little amount of hiss with this pairing, but it isn’t audible at normal listening levels.




ONP vs Sennheiser ie80 – This is an interesting comparison because ie80 is one of the closest in price and tuning to ONP. Starting with the bottom end, ONP tends to have a more snappy and rounded presentation, with ie80 pushes more air and provides a higher level of impact. The midrange feels a bit more forward on ONP, providing a similarly large soundstage when compared to ie80. ONP tends to differentiate instruments well from each other. The top end is quite similar between the two, but ONP tends to be smoother than ie80. The detail levels are similar, but ie80 sounds a tad more analytical, where ONP sounds a more musical in direct comparison.

ONP vs Sennheiser ie800 – The difference in price might be a bit high, but ie800 makes an interesting comparison with ONP. Starting with the bottom end, ie800 presents music with more raw energy and impact, while ONP tends to sound pretty good, even in comparison to ie800. The midrange is slightly recessed on ie800, while it is fairly natural on ONP. The top end is extremely smooth and somewhat recessed on ONP, while it is rather energetic, bright and uplifting on ie800. Ie800 tends to have better instrument separation.


ONP vs Beyerdynamic Xelento – Xelento is a very romantic and analogue-sounding IEM which relies more on its smooth and musical sound rather than detail, while ONP is quite similar, also relying on its musical and tonally pleasing sound rather than a pure technical approach. Starting with the bottom end, ONP and Xelento both have a very rounded and clear bass, with a lot of impact. The midrange is a bit different as Xelento tends to sound clearer, and to present music a bit more forward than ONP. The top end is similar, but again Xelento has a bit more clarity and a bit more definition to its sound. All in all, ONP sounds like a miniature Xelento, being an excellent IEM when it comes to this type of romantic sound.


ONP vs DK-3001 – Dunu tends to be an excellent producer of high [price/quality] ratio IEMs in general, so it is interesting to compare ONP with DK-3001. Starting with the bottom end, DK-3001 and ONP sound quite similar, with a very rounded, clear and impactful bass. The midrange is a bit different, with DK-3001 having a tad more clarity and detail, albeit it has a slightly recessed midrange in direct comparison. The top end is smooth on ONP, while it sounds more natural and airy on DK-3001.


ONP vs  RE800 – RE800 is one of the most impressing IEMs I’ve heard this year, especially given their price range and build quality. Starting with the bottom end, RE800 tends to have a tighter bottom end, with a bit more definition to each note, while ONP tends to sound a bit more natural and have a larger bass. The midrange is considerably more recessed on RE800, but it is presented clearer and with more emphasis on detail and instrument separation, while ONP tends to have a more forward presentation. The top end is very polarizing, as ONP is extremely smooth and has a fatigue-free treble, while RE800 has quite an energetic and bright treble that highlights details and gives energy to all music it plays.


ONP vs Unique Melody Martians – Although in technology Martians have two dynamic drivers on each ear, they are actually tighter and more precise in the bass, rather than having a stronger and larger bass when compared with ONP. The midrange a bit recessed, but extremely detailed and precise on The Martians, without losing any musicality, while ONP is tuned to be a bit more forward and forgiving. The top end is pretty different, as The Martians are very energetic, vivid and bright in the top end, with an excellent extension, while ONP is smooth and relaxing.


ONP vs ER4-XR – ER4-XR is quite the interesting IEM, providing a very clear and analytical sound that brings forward every detail in a song, while ONP is a relaxing and laid back IEM. Starting with the bottom end, ONP sounds fairly rounded and has good impact, while ER4-XR is quite tight and has a very quick bass that trades its impact for detail. The midrange is presented more forward on ER4-XR, with one of the most analytical characters out there, while ONP is laid back, musical and relaxed by direct comparison. The top end is quite similar between ER4-XR and ONP, being smooth and relaxing on both.


Value and Conclusion

Oriveti New Primacy comes with a lot of useful extras, including their carry box, a wide selection of tips, ear hooks and jack adapters. They have detachable cable, and they are a Hybrid 2-BA and 1-Dynamic driver IEM, with 3 drivers for each ear. The price they are sold for right now is 300$ from Oriveti’s own store, which places ONP in the “very good value” category, making them one of the better priced IEMs relative to the package and the sound they offer.

Taking into account that they provide a delightful experience, with a well rounded bass, a clear, musical, and organic midrange, along with a smooth and fatigue-free treble, Oriveti New Primacy is a IEM that’ll be enjoyable for many music enthusiasts and music lovers from all across the world.

With a lot to be liked about them, starting from the edgy yet elegant design, to the high quality cable they come with, to the very solid sound, to the wide array of accessories they feature, Oriveti New Primacy is one of the most interesting 300$ IEMs, especially if you’re looking for this type of smooth and relaxing sound signature!
I hope my review is helpful to you!


Stay safe and remember to always have fun while listening to music!







— Please remember to stay safe, and always have fun while listening to music!—







Full Playlist used for this review


We listened to more songs than those named in this playlist, but those are excellent for identifying a sonic signature.  PRaT, Texturization, Detail, Resolution, Dynamics, Impact, and overall tonality are all revealed by those songs. We recommend trying most of the songs from this playlist, especially if you’re searching for new music!


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