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HIDIZS AP200 – Photo Presentation and Product Overview

Hidizs AP200 – Photo Presentation and Product Overview
Hidizs AP200 is a new DAP produced by the Chinese company HIDIZS, promoted along with their Kickstarter.

This DAP comes to bring amazing abilities at an affordable price, AP200 being an Android DAP which promises do to quite a lot, for a rather inexpensive price. At this point in time, the firmware is still in works, so we can’t fully review the operation, the sound, or the firmware abilities of AP200, as those might change in the final version, but we can talk a bit about the packaging and the physical description of the device.
AP200 comes packaged quite well, in a high-quality cardboard box, along some pretty useful essentials. It comes with a Screen Protector applied from the factory, it comes bundled with a hard plastic protection case, and there is a USB cable bundled in the package. The device itself is smaller than most DAPs (except for Megamini and Shanling M2s, both of which are smaller), but it still has the thickness of a typical DAP.
AP200 sports some pretty serious hardware within
– Android 5.1.1 with two operating modes
– Bluetooth Support with APT-X
– 145g weight
– One mSD slot, supporting microSD cards up to 256GB
– RK3188 CPU
– 1GB of RAM
– 3.54″ Retina Display
– Dual ESS9118C DAC chips
– TPA6120A2 AMP Chip
– Type-C USB Port
– 3100mAh Battery sporting at least 8 hours of battery life
When it comes to its usage, the device is currently still in development, so it is unfair to further review it at this moment.
When it comes to its phsyical properties, the buttons feel clicky, satisfying and they click in place, the screen has enough brightness for outdoors operation, and the device feels fairly sturdy while in hand. The battery tends to last its stated 8-10 hours during tests, but it also drains fairly while the device is in sleep mode (thing which might/will be corrected with subsequent firmware updates).
The 3.5mm SE audio jack looks and feels very sturdy, being fairly secure and being gold-plated.
The hardware inside AP200 gives it a lot of expansion potential, provided it will receive proper firmware updates and development, so the most we can do at this moment is to share photos of it and note that we will fully review it when the firmware reaches a more mature state.
With the current firmware, the sound can be described as warm, smooth and thick, with an intimate soundstage, and a enough vibrancy up top to keep things lively.

I hope my review is helpful to you!

Stay safe and remember to always have fun while listening to music!


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