Extreme Sales - Thanksgiving and Black Friday Deals Guide!

by - November 22, 2018

Extreme Sales - Thanksgiving and Black Friday Deals Guide! 

We, at Audiophile Heaven, have been working on reviewing audio gear for a long time now, but this article will be more of a reminder that some products sometimes go on sale, and some of those sales are really sweet to know about on time. So this is a hand picked 
compilation of sweet deals with the occasion of Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and so on. Regardless of the name of the even, in the following few weeks there'll be some great deals you can snatch, and we're bringing you the short version about each of them! 

Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

Sometimes those sales will also carry on to distributors, so if you're from a more remote area, you can always check with your local seller if they are also having a sale. More often than not, they will offer you a sweet deal. 

We have been keeping an eye out for you, so we can guarantee that those are true deals, and not hiked then lowered prices, and since the deals in this article are handpicked, we also filtered the best ones just for you!

[Disclaimer: This article includes no affiliate links]

Let's Start!

We're on to HIFIMAN, who is having one of the largest sales ever, with almost 50% off RE2000 Silver and RE800 Silver!! This is so amazing, that if you were considering their RE2000 or RE800, you can totally switch to those new ones and save enough to also purchase the Player of your dreams, or even a Tube AMP! 


We reviewed RE2000 and RE800 before, and the Silver versions aren't quite that far off. We'll be having a full article on them, but until then, you can take a look at what the golden versions provided! 


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

BrainWavz Audio is also having a large sale, and while our review on their BLU-300 is still in works, you should totally get a look at what they're serving, because you could really save a few bucks if you've been eyeing their products for a while now. Their ear pads have been considered to be some of the best replacement pads out there, and with a sale even for them, you're just a few clicks away from getting better comfort with the headphones you already have and enjoy. 


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

Now, let's talk about some more big guys like Audeze

They are selling their iSine20 for half its typical price, and if that isn't enough, many amazing products are featured at amazing prices as well, some at even less than half their usual price

It feels like even better than black friday with offers like those! While we're just days away from posting our take on iSine20, we can tell you shortly that it is one of the most open in-ears you can find, but it sounds best with Audeze's Cipher cable, so it is best if you have an Apple device. 


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

While it doesn't have any special price tag quite yet, we invite you to read more about Audeze's stellar work with headphones in our Audeze LCD-MX4 review! 

Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

What kind of list would this be without Meze Audio, and although their price reductions aren't quite as large as some of the ones above, they still offer nice deals, and their products were already pretty well priced, so you can save a few bucks if you were planning to order from them! 


We have reviewed Meze 99 Classics before, which is part of their sale! 


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

Starting with LinSoul Audio, or DD-Audio Store from Aliexpress, also available on Amazon, they have been selling entry-level and midrange IEMs from China, and they are one of the best companies to get those from! They have a few interesting offers for IEMs we reviewed before, but you need to add the code "LINSOUL2018" on Amazon to get about 15% off the typical price. 

Just a few days ago, we looked into Tin T2 and T2Pro, which are quite interesting if you like a bright and open experience. You can get those from Aliexpress and Amazon, getting a good price from both. 

Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

And there's also KZ AS10, which was our favorite so far from Knowledge Zenith, also available on both Amazon and Aliexpress

Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

There are quite a few other IEMs from China we'll be writing about soon, so make sure to stay up to date with our articles! 

You can get Vega, Jupiter and Lyra II from Campfire Audio for a really good price, and they may also include other products until their sale is over! We are working on a review on Campfire Atlas, which is a really sweet IEM, but being new, it may not be a part of their sale yet. 


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

Dunu has aways been a favorite, since they're some of the very few companies who feature Spinfit tips with their products, and they're having a sale on both DK-3001, and Falcon-C, which we reviewed, along other IEMs! 


We invite you to read more about both DK-3001 and Falcon-C, so you have a fresh image on what to expect from each. 


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

FiiO is always there with great offers, and this time is no exception! 


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

We reviewed countless products from FiiO, being simpler to count what we didn't review rather than what we did review already. From their sale offer, we wrote in-depth articles on their M7 Player (DAP) and F9 IEMs! 


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Thanksgiving Sale

iBasso Audio is also having a little sale on their AMP5 AMP Card for DX200 and DX150, and the price for it is quite sweet! 

You can get it straight from them, which has always been a great source for iBasso gear!

Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Guide

MusicTeck is one of the largest, best priced, and with the best service shops from USA, and we surely had quite a few of the products carried by them in for review! 

Their Black Friday Offer includes some of the most amazing deals we've seen, and just like HIFIMAN, some really significant ones, like 700USD off Opus #2, 100 USD Off Ultrasone Signature Studio, 170USD Off UM Martians, 100USD Off on Hiby R6, 50 USD Off on FLC 8N we just reviewed, and almost 100 USD Off on Cayin N5ii

Some of those are quite significant, almost 50% of the price of the product, and you can totally consider ordering, as with their stellar support, you don't have to fear ordering at the price of this sale! 


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Guide

If you're from United Kingdom (England / UK), we got you covered! Hifiheadphones.co.uk is also running a huge sale right now, and they're having some sweet deals waiting for you! Don't forget, they sell to all Europe, and even farther away, with the same prices. 

Since UK has VAT added, some of the prices will be different from those from USA, but those are still great deals if you're from EU. 

(You have to click on the product to see its reduced price. It is rather confusing, but click on the item's name, and although at the moment of writing this review, on the sale page it is showing its full price, when you open the product page, it will be showing its reduced price)


Audiophile Heaven Black Friday Guide

From their sale, we reviewed P22BT from SoundMagic, which was quite interesting for an on-ear design, and we also looked into Shanling M2s, which is almost at half its price. 

This concludes the sales we were able to find for you, but we hope we managed to bring you some sweet deals! 

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Also, please leave a comment on what you'd like to go on sale! 


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