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SoundPEATS Q29 – Small – Portable – Bassy – Clear – Bluetooth!

Q29 is a budget oriented Bluetooth twin-IEM priced extremely friendly, which enthused thousands of people from all over the world with their romantic sound and cool aesthetics.

Soundpeats is a growing company from China that is working on quite a few devices, even a few OEM machines, which are sold under other brands.
Soundpeats received a lot of attention from music lovers and fans from all over the world for producing high quality yet inexpensive audio products, especially Bluetooth IEMs, Headphones and Speakers.
Q29 is a trending IEM at the moment, being appreciated by many, who said that they are one of the best budget BT IEM they’ve heard, and at their very friendly price point, Q29 is surely going to be an interesting test subject!
I have absolutely no affiliation with SoundPeats, I am not receiving any incentive for this review or to sweeten things out. This review will be as objective as possible and it reflects my personal experience with Q29. Every opinion expressed is mine and I stand by it, the purpose of this review is to help those interested in Q29 find their next music companion. This review has no affiliate links or other paid external links, just useful links for the reader.
About me

My name is George Dobrescu and I am the Director of the Seventh Heart Studios game studio. I work as one of the main programmers for the company, and I am the writer for Quantum Magica and Falsetto Memories projects, the Programmer, Co-Director, Producer and Editor for Eternal Hour.

I spend almost twelve hours per day working on a computer, drawing, writing and programming. I also take care of administrative work which means that my needs vary a lot, and I’ll end up using devices both while on the computer and while on-the-go.


My collection includes everything from Classical to Metal, from Rap to Pop, from Punk to Cabaret and absolutely everything in between. There are great artists from every type of music, and I’m one to collect their albums and discographies.
You can check out more about Seventh Heart Studios games on our pages https://www.facebook.com/seventh.heart.studios/     and https://twitter.com/7heartstudios 
At Seventh Heart Studios, we all love music and this has had an impact on our games as we hold the music close to our hearts and we are committed to only use ogg -q10 as the encoding format for our music since it offers the best disk space to sound quality ratio, OGG -q10 being closest to audibly transparent when compared to FLAC encoding. 
Music is the soul that accompanies human beings through thick and thin, music is the light at the end of the tunnel, and music is the voice that caresses one after the torments of everyday life.
First Impression
SoundPeats is a very friendly company, and I had the occasion to discuss with them for a while, about their products and development directions. They strive to offer some of the best priced headphones and IEMs along with some interesting BT speakers, all relying on a custom set of DSP technologies that work to make up for the typical Bluetooth limitations.
It was a pale day when I received Q29. The skies were white and there wasn’t much going on outside, besides a few students still taking classes, as it was almost the end of the school year within Polytechnics. Q29 came differently from all the other items I received so far, in a cardboard envelope rather than a box.
I opened the package, without expecting much from them, but I was amazed by the little box including Q29. It had them tightly packaged, but didn’t miss any elementary accessory. I quickly connected them, looking to hear why so many people praised them. After getting through the few connection issues I encountered, I managed to fully connect them, and was quite surprised by the romantic sound coming out of them. It was time for a longer listen.
First things first, let’s get the packaging out of the way:


Q29 comes in a drawer-type hard-cardboard rectangular box that protects them. The drawer inside has Q29 seated within their carry / charge case in a soft cardboard cutout, next to the tips, and the USB cable. Taking it all out of the box reveals a user manual and a very useful paper that explains how to connect, and use Q29 in Stereo mode.
SoundPeats made sure that Q29 are packaged in a small yet well-equipped box, that includes all things one need to take full advantage of Q29. Within the box, you can find Q29, a USB cable, 3 pairs of tips, and the charging / storage box.
Given their rather inexpensive price, the package content is very good, and the quality of the storage / charging box is really nice, it doesn’t creak, and it feels quite solid while in hand.
It would had been best if the USB cable were a little longer than it is, but besides that, there’s no space to complain about Q29, especially considering their price point.
What you should look for when considering a BT IEM (Bluetooth In-Ear Monitor)
When purchasing an IEM, there are a few factors you should take into account to ensure that you’ll have the best experience possible. Sooner or later, all those factors will come into play, one way or another:
–      Sound quality – This is, by far, the most important aspect of every purchase, when you invest in high end audio products. The sonic characteristics, along with the frequency response / sonic signature widely differs from IEM to IEM.
–      Comfort / ergonomics – The fit and comfort are quite important, especially if you plan on using the same IEM for hours in a row, or in a live performance.
–      Isolation – Every IEM will offer some degree of isolation, but there are both models that focus on ultra-isolation from the outside noise, and open models.
–       Good Value – Always nice to have
–      Interesting/Intriguing design – Every user will have a personal preference and taste for what an “interesting design” is, but it is generally recommended to pick a IEM which you consider to be aesthetically pleasing, or in simpler words, Good Looking.
–      Battery Life / Charging time – It is good to keep in mind how long your BT IEMs will stay charged and be usable after each charge, and for how long you need to charge them.
–      Accessories included – It is better to have a large selection of tips and accessories included with a IEM, especially for those that feature unique tips or require their own accessories.
–      Build Quality and Warranty – While it is good to have a solid warranty included with Every IEM, having a solid build quality is far better. Having best of both is the icing on the cake.
Technical Specifications
Bluetooth Version
BT 4.2
BT Chipset
CSR 63120
Noise Reduction
Yes, CVC 6.0
Maximum Rang
10m, no obstacle
Charging time
1 hour
Standby time
80 hours
Driver Type
Dynamic, Closed Back
Coupling type
Includes Microphone
(Build Quality, Sonic Quality & Usage Next Page)

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