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HiFiMAN RE-2000 – Unboxing and Initial Impressions


HiFiMAN RE-2000 – The Exquisite package of a 2000$ Flagship IEM

HiFiMAN RE-2000 is the name of the recently released flagship IEM (In-Ear Monitor) produced by HiFiMAN Electronics. RE-2000 is an exquisite and premium IEM in both construction, design and price, tagging along many high expectations from the public curious to get one. RE-2000 makes an interesting proposal: They promise to challenge the performance of a Dynamic Driver IEM, being one of the very few Top-Of-The-Line IEMs that doesn’t rely on a large number of drivers in a multi-driver configuration.
Using a single dynamic driver configuration helds some advantages in theory, as the coherency is usually higher than it is with a multi-driver IEM where there are crossovers and other elements involved in the signal path, but many multi-driver IEMs have managed to successfully obtain a clear and coherent sound today, even with an unusual number of drivers. Even so, our benchmark IEM before receiving RE-2000 has been another single Dynamic Driver IEM, namely Sennheiser ie800, which we plan to compare with RE-2000 in our full-length review.
RE-2000 comes in a large package, a beautiful wooden box covered in a leather-like material and the unboxing experience is a delight to experience. We’d say that the general emotion and feeling the package wears is that of a high-end product, HiFiMAN giving it a pretty good attention to details. The smooth plate on the top of the box is nice and the design looks premium.
We managed to get a few initial impressions so far and we want to share those with you. Please keep in mind that those are our initial impressions after a few days of using RE-2000, and our full length review is still in work!   
  •           RE-2000 is packaged exquisitely and will satisfy most people’s need for luxury with the quality of the wooden box and the quality of the leather covering the wooden box. The metal plate is a beauty to look at and the general feeling is that RE-2000 is meant for the public who admires and dwells in high end products.
  •           There is a good sense of style with RE-2000. The carry box is pretty practical and we feel that although some people might have liked a more sophisticated mechanism, the metal box does its job well. It is possible to pull out the foam cutout from the round carry box, situation in which RE-2000 fits inside with no problems, even leaving space for a silica anti-humidity bag. While HiFiMAN didn’t make any claims about the carry box being waterproof, it looks pretty tightly sealed to us.
  •           The tips included worked well in our tests and they provided great isolation and sound quality, but after a while, the double flanged tip didn’t sit as well, so we decided to swap the double flanged tips included for red or white Spinfit tips (which we got from Dunu DK-3001 box/package). The Spinfit tips provide a better comfort and they are usable for longer periods of time without any discomfort. Although the sound is slightly affected by the change in tips, we felt that Spinfit is a better option than Comply or double flanged tips for keeping the best sonic characteristics together with the best comfort. We will also include a comparison with other tips in our full length review, like Mandarin tips. 
  •          We consider RE-2000 to be fairly ergonomic and we had no problems wearing them for hours in a row, but all our members had success in wearing other large IEMs as well in the past. It is fair to keep in mind that the ergonomics of an IEM can vary with each user. In all fairness, the IEM bodies are smooth and all angles are rounded at the edges so they couldn’t create any discomfort during our usage. Most of RE-2000’s weight will rest on the tips and on the lower end, resting naturally on the ear and aligning with well with the ear shape. The depth of insertion is shallow and the fit is quite universal, IEMs with deep insertion having more variation with each user.  
  •           We like the aesthetic design of RE-2000, they assemble like two pieces of jewels and are granted to impress anyone who analyses them closely, but you’re unlikely to get any unwanted prying eyes on yourself while you’re wearing them outside since they have two black face plates and they look rather elegant. 
  •           The sound in the first 100 hours has been a real pleasure to listen to. The extension is excellent both ways and the signature is one of the closest we heard to real music, presenting music in an engaging and punchy way, electrifying, exciting and alive. This kind of signature will make you re-listen to your whole collection, just to discover new details in every track you kept listening to for the past twenty years.
  •           The Stereo Imaging is above excellent – Keeping in mind that Sennheiser ie800 has been our benchmark IEM before we heard RE-2000, there is a clear definition of what is going on and where. Multiple instrumental layers are easy to notice and discern along with many micro-details and textures that would otherwise go unnoticed.
  •           The detailing is on a whole new level. At first, we didn’t want to believe this because we always try to keep our writing profile and ideology as budget oriented as possible, but this 2000$ IEM actually proven that there are even more details than we heard before in music, especially in electronic music and rock/metal. Complex and intricate songs become even better while simpler songs are presented with outmost precision, thing which we always appreciate. What’s more interesting here is how the detailing levels are on par with the best of BA IEMs but the bass and musicality are clearly those of a dynamic driver. 
  •           The soundstage has a spot-on size, it is not too large nor too small with Spinfit white tips and while it is not going too far, it is not being constrained either, offering a precise instrument placement and good air between instruments.
All in all, it is very fun listening to RE-2000 from HiFiMAN so far, and we will be working on a full-length review for you!
We hope that you stay safe in there and please remember to have fun while listening to music!

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